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Made a complaint to my local MP about the lack of free spaces for disabled.This is the second time now,first time I asked why couldn't they convert the taxi rank into disabled bays & give more free spaces ,there is a few at the front of the hospital & very rare have I managed to get one, the reason given for not doing this was it was too dangerous as you would have to cross the road to get into the hospital ,the drop off bays are on the same side ?. The answer I received via my MP secretary was I was the only one who has complained,just shows what 2 million a year means to the hospital income,it is free to cancer patients but what about heart patients,give it to one health problem & quite rightly so, but are not heart patients also in trouble.Both wife & self are regular attendances,this Xmas my wife was admitted & I could not go in too see because of the distance from car parking to ward, to be fair I do not think they could much about that,I just could not walk any distance, this week I have been told my iron level has gone back to near level which the doctors now tell me is not the cause of my problem it is a blockage too long & too close to my heart that is the problem & at the moments cannot do anything for me,I feel fine just sitting around but as soon as I start moving I get out of breath & tired,sit down for awhile & Ok,I am sitting on the bed writing this & fine but later we have to go shopping & that will be one store not too bad but the next is very tiring. Get back & the dog is bouncing to go to the park, I shuffle to the nearest bench very slowly & sit down,rest & OK slow walk back to my car & home.Hoping to see my heart consultant again very soon,had a chat with heart foundation yesterday,a lovely young lady gave me a lot of information.

I should have added I am 75 yrs old.

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Good morning Bootyasddict. Keep complaining about the car parking. In this era of post truth, there have probably been hundreds of complaints but they just want to fob you off. Have you tried PALS at the hospital? Tell them the response you've had so far isn't good enough.

Hospital parking is a nightmare. Yesterday took 35 minutes to get a space to go for PR assesment

Hello I know what you mean about disabled parking, we only hve about ten bays scattered around the hospital grounds. What's more annoying is people who use the disabled spaces but aren't actually disabled. You keep on complaining. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

Hi ,tried PAL in the hospital & guess what no forms available to fill in.No complaints about my many times in hospital. To much money being made to listen to complaints,you are just cash cows.

I emailed pals once, I don't think you need a form

Hi Petermeachem,a friend of mine has sent dozens of letters into the hospital management ,they have now given up replying to him,as I have said there is too much money at stake,we do not matter.They well know many of us are not well enough to carry on a campaign.It needs the MPs to sort it.

Ergendi is right - do keep trying with PALS. Best of luck x

We don't have free parking for disabled at our hospital the all pay the same

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