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Hello everyone sorry I haven't replied to your posts yet I have been in hospital with a infection luckily the day I posted about my sats I got a visit from a community matron who said I was tachycardia and sent me straight to hospital I still feel pretty lousy and am wondering if I will ever learn to accept what I have and cope it's terrifying .I told doctor that I still not sleeping and all she did was gave me a 5 mil tablet for7 days .The hospital arranged for me to loan a nebulisar but it has to go back and doctor won't prescribe liquid even though I would buy own machine .I have rung a counsellor and have telephone appointment this week everything seems so bleak .I am also worried now that my sats are staying high and I had Co2 retention when first on oxygen my HCO3 levels And Be levels where raised on last oxygen assesment I do not want to have to go on a machine had visit from district nurse she said just keep oxygen of till they go down thanks everybody for your advise xx

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so pleased you are so much better. Keep posting to let us know how you are xxx😊


So sorry you had to go into Hospital but you had been saying you felt dreadful. We must listen to our own bodies. Are you now back home? Even though you'll find it hard to believe now,you will adjust to your illness. Yes it takes time and everyone is different. We all have better days than others,yet here we are today! I'm hoping you will post us some news to say you feel a little better very soon.

Kind regards.


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