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Fainting after coughing


My first post - I am new here.

I had a very scary experience last night.

I have had asthma for 3 yrs now.

I have had a cough for a while now recently been on 5 day course of steroids and antibiotics.

I have a cough which is different from my usual - it is a cough that is cough cough cough no chance to intake a breathe but usually resolves after a few seconds but last night I ended up fainting - it was terrifying.

Has this happened to anyone ?

What did you do?

Did you go to your GP?

Any advice welcome


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Hi I have coughed a lot in my time, hence the name, but have never ended up actually fainting. How long were you unconscious for? It might be worth a least a phone call to a doctor just to be on the safe side. x



Thanks for the reply - only seconds luckily I was with family but they thought I was fitting and you can appear to be fitting when you fit. x


Hi Chiz69,

I have experienced the same when I am having a really bad exacerbation.

This is 'Cough Syncope' it is advisable to have this checked.

A lot of info is available for it which may offer some help.


Hello Mrs-Chiz, l would get it checked out but this happens to Pete quite often. He coughs out and then it's like he has stopped breathing, goes red in the face and his legs and arms shake. It's only seconds but quite alarming. He has trachea malachia which is where his trachea flops inwards momentarily.

Good idea just to speak with your GP. Good luck to you xxxxx

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I too get this when my asthma is not good. I cough and cough and then start to black out, I have always just managed to stop my self from going completely. You need to go and see your asthma nurse they are usually easier to get an appointment with and generally more knowledgeable about asthma than a GP.

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Looks like I spoke too soon. I'm back in hospital since Monday, had a chest infection 10 days ago, antibiotics cleaned up the mucus, but I cant get my peak flow up over 400, when it dived to 320 it was a 999 as I was getting really breathless and I did black out while having a coughing fit on Saturday, and again in CCU coming in on Monday. Tthey changed abs, pf still low, now giving me steroids IV so hope things start moving the right direction so I can get home for the weekend.


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