Prevenar 13 needed two doses 6 weeks apart

Ive just got over a three month viral and antibiotics marathon and my aspergillus specialist wanted me to have a double pnemonia jab in jan. Due it next week ans i always get ill off them for some reason. Wait a few more weeks maybe? Asked my GP and get the usual its not the flu/pnemonia jab that makes you ill etc.

Cheers peeps

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  • Don't do it!!! The reason you always get ill after the jab, is because it's full of poison!!

    You have decimated your gut bacteria by taking so many antibiotics, so you need to rebuild your immune system, only with a strong immune system can you fight flu and other illnesses. Have you been taking any probiotics with those antibiotics??? If so, you NEED to start! The gut makes up 80% of the immune system and as antibiotics wipe out ALL bacteria (Good and bad), you need to replace the good in order to stay healthy!

  • I agree with your GP that it's not the jab that makes you ill. You can get a slight fever, sore arm & feel rubbish for a day or so however, the vaccines take two weeks to work, in that time you can catch anything going if your immune system is compromised, sadly.

    Personally, I've been loads better for having pneumonia jab & absolutely always have the flu jab - because I don't want more lung damage & I'm not ready to die. Things to do, places to see & people to love.

    Good luck with what ever you decide to do.

    I was very poorly for a while, pneumonia at least 5 times. A friend who never smoked or had any lung problems whatsoever had a bad case of pneumonia & died in hospital aged 59.

  • You are really lucky that with you having the pneumonia jag. You were loads better. As onamission said to me once. There is no guarantee the peunomonia jag will work. I had it twice and still got peunomonia

  • Yes, me too. Once last year so it was obviously a strain of bacteria that wasn't in the vaccine. As in the flu jab they don't contain every single type unfortunately. I think because I'd had a few 2/3 years to concentrate on rebuilding my immune system my recovery time was weeks instead of months.

    It's all a bit of a bu**** really. I hope you recovered well Notoobad. P

  • Yes I did peege. Thank you . I am seeing a immunologist at the moment I did put up a post about it. My first visit was last Thursday.

  • Cheers peeps will go for it then ive got a other in 6 weeks time as well lol. Aaaah the joys of lung aspergillous.

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