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6 weeks post transplant.

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awful night with off the scale pain on left wound area which is radiating to top of shoulder down to rib line.

Waiting to hear if they will approve morphine, if not the wife, the cat and the postman are all in for a hard time.

Not sure 6 weeks post should be this bad but as someone said they have sawn me in half and restitched me back so there’s gonna be nerve damage which takes time.

Anyway, i am a whimp and do like a good moan.

Stay safe all of you.


59 Replies
leo60 profile image

I feel for you Mr. B! It must be so sore. I hope you get your morphine double quick xx

sassy59 profile image

Hoping things do improve soon but it’s bound to take time after such major surgery.

Wishing you well. Xxx

JJ_7 profile image

How awful for you. I don't see any reason why they will not give you something to help with the pain. Hope you get some relief soon. Best wishes JJ_7

Mrbojangles profile image
Mrbojangles in reply to JJ_7

gabapentin and paracetamol which don’t touch the sides….

CDPO16 profile image

I hope that you get some adequate pain relief. Moan away, you are definitely not a wimp.

Katinka46 profile image

So sorry that you are in so much pain. Push for morphine. All the best and tell how it progresses. Have a moan it is what we are here for.

Kate xxx

Mrbojangles profile image
Mrbojangles in reply to Katinka46

doesn’t help when Liverpool are having such a dismal year…😡😡😡

Katinka46 profile image
Katinka46 in reply to Mrbojangles

Good to know you have your priorities right.


Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Mrbojangles

Liverpool are playing Spurs this weekend. It will be Spurs that will need morphine.

LissacFrance profile image
LissacFrance in reply to Greenthorn

I thought the entire Spurs team were already on sleeping tablets.

Injecter1 profile image

Such major surgery involving ribs/nerves as well as all the other bits!….the severity of the pain sounds like it could be nerve type? What a journey, but your on the right track….. rest up x

peege profile image

Ouch, truly sympathise MrB, have you contacted Papworth to make sure it's normal to feel so much pain. Thinking of you and hoping you get some relief asap. P

Donald_1931 profile image

Oh dear me Mr B what a price you are having to pay for your lovely new lungs. I hope by now they have supplied you with some relief for the sake of you wife, your cat and the postman. 🙏

Mrbojangles profile image
Mrbojangles in reply to Donald_1931

they’ve dodged it as now back in hospital as the pain was causing breathing problems.

Donald_1931 profile image
Donald_1931 in reply to Mrbojangles

Thank goodness for that! I hope it’s soon got you back on track and comfortable. 👍

Patk1 profile image

I'd ring hospital just to get it checked out,rule out any infection x

Mrbojangles profile image
Mrbojangles in reply to Patk1

back in hospital now, thanks.


Patk1 profile image
Patk1 in reply to Mrbojangles

Good.need looking at xxx

djbctla profile image

Most definitely not a moan, pain such as your must b hard to bare.

Take notes from a scale 1 to 10 (or whatever figure u decide) as to how u are today and then look back in two or three weeks time to see how things have improved.

You were very courageous to have the operation in the first place, so give yourself (not a clap on the back 🤣😂) but 5 stars.

Best wishes Bernardine.

Cloudancer profile image

Thinking of you.Do hope that the hospital get on top of your pain.

We are all cheering you on -and remember you are quite entitled to have a good old moan.

Lfcpremier profile image

You're very brave! Keep smiling. Hope you get decent pain relief asap! 🤞

Greenthorn profile image

Sod the postman. When I get toothache I have a special scale to tell the dentist. O.O01 is unnoticed. 1.445 is a nuisance. 2. 345 is the beginnings of pain and 3.750 is pain. So a 6 or a 7 is head banging. I'm going to award you 8.890. Anything more is unthinkable. I think you should be awarded the George Cross but not to be pinned to your body. That would be a 9.

MrBojangles, I will never forget your humour through adversity. That is another level indeed.

ostiad profile image

I'm so truly sorry you are in so much pain, however, I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end. Take care, I hope they get the pain under control for you pretty soon 🙏 🤞xx

Suzie42 profile image

I hope your pain is now under control now you are back in hospital. Get better soon

B0xermad profile image

Thinking of you and I hope they will give you some pain relief

Kiki3233 profile image

I hope you get better real soon!

Ergendl profile image

Hope the hospital is able to relieve your pain

Donald_1931 profile image

Hope you had a better night, Mr B, a lot of people are rooting for you. 👍

simplesprout profile image

I'm a double lung recipient, and I was cut straight down the middle so not the same as you, however I didn't have pain like you mention 6 weeks post. Speak to your team and just make sure there is no infection. Best wishes.

Fircone profile image

I do hope the pain is under control now Mr B and you have a better day.

Mrbojangles profile image
Mrbojangles in reply to Fircone

Blue lighted into hospital yesterday on the orders of my transplant team due to off the scale pain during the night.

They feared infection et all .

Given loads of morphine and thankfully following blood tests and scans no signs of anything sinister.

Back home now with Gabapentin and co codimol which is kicking in and pain is now manageable.

As someone once told me when you have transplant you are swapping one health problem with another given i will be at high risk forever now and on a strict drug regime for life.

Hey ho, we all love a challenge!


Greenthorn profile image
Greenthorn in reply to Mrbojangles

We are all following you - ups and downs. Evenings and mornings.

Patk1 profile image
Patk1 in reply to Mrbojangles

I'm glad yr sorted and infection ruled out.dont hesitate to call the team again,if u need them x

Fircone profile image
Fircone in reply to Mrbojangles

well done Mr B, home already! So glad you are managing the pain. Your positive attitudes does you credit.xxx

Shirleyj profile image

Sounds horrendous, hope the new pain meds are giving you some relief. You take care x

Mellywelly profile image

You've just cheered everyone up on this site because sounds like you haven't lost your sense of humour by mentioning the cat and the postman 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 good luck chook. Baby steps

Firefly25 profile image

Glad they've given you something more effective and that your'e home again. Take care and hope you'll be feeling much better soon x

Zand60 profile image

You are amazing 🤩 I'm following your progress. Did you get offered lung reduction before transplant?

Mrbojangles profile image
Mrbojangles in reply to Zand60

Thank you..

No reduction ever discussed.

I had IPF and believe the lungs were beyond help and a full transplant was the only treatment.

Stay safe.


Izb1 profile image

So pleased they didnt leave you to manage the pain and it is now under control and you are back home a little more comfortable. At least the wife and cat are safe for the moment lol. Keep your chin up Mr B x

watergazer profile image

What a journey you have been on so far and still you can joke. You have been a brave soldier. I hope the stay in hospital has helped to get your pain levels down. Take care dear friend. X

Alberta56 profile image

That sounds dreadful. I hope it will all have been worthwhile in the end. I wish they had got a mechanism for quick pain relief ready before you had the op. You can't be the only one suffering. Very best wishes and fingers crossed that it will start to heal up soon, you very unwimpish person. xxxx

Souielouie profile image

aah bless you I hope you get some relief very soon 🥰

Osha profile image

you are entitled to moan mrbojangles (oh how I remember that song). Your wife will understand and the cat will run a mile and you won’t get any post for a while. All the best and it can only get better

Stratos20 profile image

Oh Mr Bo you moan here all you like. We will offer sympathy and understanding. Fingers crossed you will improve 🤞🏼 And Liverpool’s performance 😖

casey16gatsby profile image

I had my Double Lung Transplant in the USA on Nov. 28th. 2020. I also had a small stroke afterwards -- about a week. It took me six months to really start to feel good. The nerve cutting caused issues for over a year; I can still feel the difference.

HOWEVER my life now is great. Some issues with the meds. every now and then, but my life is better than it's been in 30 years ( I'm 68 ! )

Hang in there it gets better. I exercise a lot and feel great!

All the Best,


Mrbojangles profile image
Mrbojangles in reply to casey16gatsby

Great to hear a positive outcome, thank you!

These strokes are a nuisance, i have 2 recently within 15 months, both following sedation.

Back in hospital next week for another which, I must admit is causing me some concern but hey ho it’s vital I have it done.

Stay safe…


casey16gatsby profile image
casey16gatsby in reply to Mrbojangles

You also -- stay well. With hard work and a bit of luck/prayer-- your life will be so much better soon!


Mooka profile image

I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like your team are looking after you.

Ern007 profile image

looks like you have a type of "Radiculopathy " referred pain and or pinched nerves, very painful for which I take liquid morphine.. I hope you get some as it should help X

Mrbojangles profile image
Mrbojangles in reply to Ern007

You may well be right….

They pumped the morphine into me in the ambulance which kicked in quickly much to my relief.

The transplant doctors for whatever reason don’t want me on regular morphine i think due to the immune suppression drugs.

They have me on 600mg of Gabapentin and 4 hour co-codomol which i must say is easing the pain.

Hopefully it is just the nerves playing around and won’t be long term.



Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Mrbojangles

"600mg of Gabapentin and 4 hour co-codomol" - I have gabapentin also, just 300mg - I had to have Morphine as others did not work anymore.

Codeine is from the poppy plant same as morphine and is a decent pain killer,

If codeine does work for ,better for you than morphine.

Mrbojangles profile image
Mrbojangles in reply to Ern007

can i ask what you are suffering from?

Ern007 profile image
Ern007 in reply to Mrbojangles

Yes: COPD/Cancer/Heart Problems and OA Cervical Degeneration which has caused problems with shoulder and pain radiated down arm.. I used to take "Dihydrocodeine" but as the neck/shoulder arms problems progressed, that's when I got Morphine..

Sounds a lot but I get by.

I can take 5-10 mg liquid morphine every 4 to 6 hours if needed - I take twice a day and three a day if needed.

I chose to keep on 'Dihydrocodeine' at night - 30 mg Dihydrocodeine = 30mg Codeine - Co-codamol as you know has it's own paracetamol. Morphine or Dihydrocodeine does not.

To go to your thread-start post, I don't think you are a "whimp" who has a ' transplant.' is brave,

Mrbojangles profile image


You’ve been through the wars.

I can relate to your pain as i had 8 titanium rods fitted in my lower back in 2009 and to this day if i make a wrong move they punish me.

Stay safe…


Karenanne61 profile image

I'm sorry you have so much pain. I hope they quickly give you something for the pain.

Caspiana profile image

I am so sorry to read this Mr. Bojangles but not surprised. The pain is bad and mine was quite uncomfortable for almost a year. I found gentle stretches helped. I'd imagine because part of the ribs are removed and replaced during the operation that REALLY makes things much more painful. Now almost four years later I still have rib and scar tissue pain especially on cold and rainy days. I am so glad your team are taking your pain seriously and seeing you promptly. Just take it easy and take your time. xx 💐

helenlw7 profile image

I really feel for you Mr B. Hopefully they’ll prescribe morphine and that’ll do the trick!

Mrbojangles profile image
Mrbojangles in reply to helenlw7

Me and morphine fell out years ago…

Severe sickness and unbearable itching on torso and legs.


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