Keeping my asthma under control

I have had asthma for more than 30 years and have never had as many asthma flair ups as I have this last year. Loads of antibiotics. Steroids and been changed to a fostair inhaler. I have had another chest infection since the 12th December last year and still have one. I have been given the opportunity to try a seretide inhaler by an copd sufferer.. would it overdose me to take the fostair and seretide together or one or the other?

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  • Hi

    Under no circumstances should you take medication prescribed to someone else,

    Seretide and Fostair are both long acting with steroids. So you would taking double the recommended dosage.

    Seretide is a COPD designed inhaler. Fostair since a re licenses is now suitable for Asthma and COPD.

    You would be better sticking with your GP to resolve the problem.

    As there been any environment change or other changes that could account for the increase in your symptoms, sometimes a bit of detective work may find the answer.

  • Thank-you I was thinking on the same lines to be honest. No nothing as changed as far as I'm aware to be honest. My doctor asked the same questions. He sent me to the hospital in the hope I was admitted but they put me on a nebuliser and injected steroids into me and sent me back home. They are making me an appointment with an asthma nurse at the hospital. My doctor said to ask loads of questions. Just Fed up of these constant infections and flair ups. But have told them I want no more steroids as I have put loads of weight on with them

  • Hi, l totally agree with Stone. Please don't take anything you have not been prescribed. Talk with your GP. Xxxxxx

  • Hi

    My daughter who is 22 has asthma from a toddler and hers started to play up with repeated chest infections contantly for over a year repeated antibiotics and steroids (safe to say probably only 3 or 4weeks antibiotic free for that year) Dr never asked for a sputum sample to test and eventually I demand one, needed different antibiotics and with a lot of perseverance from me we finally got a ct scan an she was diagnosed with bronchiectasis... we had never heard of it but it is in 3 lobes. Unfortunately this can only be managed not please find out why you keep having these chest infections as I can't help but think perhaps we would have had a different outcome if we had got the diagnosis sooner!!

  • Thank you. I'm 30 years the only time they have done sputum samples is when I was sent to the hospital beens Christmas and another 2 weeks ago and they have come back clear. Still waiting for hospital referral to see these asthma nurse

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