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Asthma and phlegm

Hi. I am a 58yr old female who has been asthmatic since babyhood. In the last 10 years or so I have produced a lot of thick beige coloured phlegm and seem worse when the weather is damp. In October I spent 5 days at Centerparcs and felt really well! Hardly coughed at all despite cycling and climbing. A week after coming home the cough and phlegm was worse than ever, so I guess I need to live permanantly in a lovely clean forest! I have 3 cats but am usually ok with them. Also,I have Allergic Rhinitis and Eczema. I take combined inhaler Seretide . Would love to hear your experiences and advice on anything I have mentioned x

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Seems you will have to turn detective, obviously the problem appears to be you home environment.

Have you had any test for allergies.

You mention worse when damp weather, have you any problems with damp or mould any where in the property.

Have you any problems with triggers, air fresheners, aerosol sprays etc.

You may have to look more closely at you cats, they can be problematic , fine hairs can be a trigger.


Stone is right about the cats. If you live with them permanently they may cause a chronic level of inflammation in your airways which is masked by your medication.

I felt I was fine with dogs, but when our last one died, about three weeks later my breathing was hugely improved. Share a friend's now which doesnt shed and isn't here full time. (Spanish water dog) and seem alright with that.

It's interesting you were so much better at Centreparks where you wouldn't have had the cats, I assume :)


Hi, I'm with O2Trees as in you were well away from the cats!

I've asthma too and it's worse in the cold and damp. I did have allergy testing on my referral and am only allergic to mould and mildly to aspergillis. Luckily the pet, dust mite turn out to be okay - after years of a dust free bedroom I'm very pleased that it's pretty dusty now!

Seems some allergy testing would be in order. Apparently it's not the hair it's the animal dander that causes allergy.

I take montelukast 10mg for the allergic element of my asthma.

Good lick, Peege


My sputum used to be pale yellow all the time.....the nurse said it was the result of an allergic reaction . But now it's clear or white.

I must admit we did have cats but the change came long after the cats had died....and I tested negative for cat allergy, so it's a mystery. I replaced most of my carpets with hard flooring and got rid of a feather filled sofa.

Strangely enough all three cats were diagnosed with asthma....they all had chronic coughs and wheezed at night . So it was me , the three kids and three blessed asthmatic cats.

My daughters are still allergic to cats, dogs, small mammals and horses....antihistamines help, and one used Monteleukast . One has eczema .

Mould does it for me, and house dust, and birch pollen and I was also tested for an allergy to fish fin rot !!! as we had a fish tank at the time....I haven't got fins.

Allergy testing might be the first step for you.

Best wishes


Thank you so much for all your comments. Some interesting points to follow up


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