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Hi about hyperthyroidism

Hi everyone I have hyperthyroidism my GP said on 2nd Dec give me medicine propylthiouracil 2x2x50mg a day and my gynaecologist repit the test on 6th Dec because for IVF and someone said for I shouldn't take any medicine for this this is my last result my prolactin 522 TSH0.01 T4 16.2 T3 4.9 Please help me because if don't need why should I taking it

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Hi, I think you might have posted in the wrong place?

I can only suggest HU - Health Unlocked - might have a fertility and hyperthyroid site. I hope that on the site there'll be a helpline number - UK office hours. Call them for some help, or you could perhaps email.

It sounds very important to find out if you should take this drug. Good luck with everything.

On the top bar you'll see 'communities', click on that for the very many other departments to choose from.


Sorry 😐 I am new here and I have lots problems in my body and is sometimes playing with my mind as well really sorry I will be more careful for the future


Goodness, no need to be sorry.

Wishing you the best of luck finding some advice. P 😃


Thx 😊


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