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I'm a chronic asthmatic of 15 yrs,well controlled up until now ,3wks ago I had a chest infection and was given steroids and antibiotics ,then another 2 courses of antibiotics ,midway I was informed it was pneumonia which I hadn't realized and came as a surprise ,it is my first bout and I've been checked and my chest is clear now, still feeling very weak and tired am wondering if I could go swimming anytime soon ,as I used to go every day ,have read gentle exercise is recommended but unsure if swimming is too vigerous ?

Can anyone recommend please

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Hi, having had plenty of experience with pneumonia I would say NO, don't do it - and my asthma isn't chronic!

It takes quite a while to get over pneumonia and you need to really treat yourself with tlc and you'll slowly recover. Very gentle exercise, resting regularly, rebuild your immune system and avoid anyone with colds or cough.

If you think in terms of 3 months to get back to your normal then if it's sooner you'll be all ready for spring. Good luck. P

I'm gonna say about the swimming while swimming is good for asthmatics your obviously unwell and if you have to ask if it's OK then you know it's not... I wouldn't dream of going outside in the cold after being swimming... add to that a bout of pneumonia you are recovering from that's one recipe for disaster

Take your time to recover and leave the swimming for a while. Xxxx

I'm with the others you need time to recover.

NO NO NO - pneumonia is a heavy illness, you've only just got over it but in fact you will still be recovering - you say you are weak and tired. Personally I would say swimming is far too vigorous - it can take weeks for healthy people to get fully recovered and your lungs are already compromised with asthma so will be extra vulnerable to germs in the swimming pool at the moment, plus too much exercise too soon will lower your immune system.

Walking is good and you can build up gradually - your body has been through a shock, be gentle with it. :)

Thanks for all your advice ,as was said I had expected to hear it was not too clever an idea but being new to needed to have it confirmed

Will stick to walking and look forward to the spring and warmer weather,with hopefully no further illness if it can be avoided wishing this for all of you too

Thanks again

I also have just come out of hospital with pneumonia and feel very week even showering and washing my hair is such a effort every body tells me it will take time so rest plenty

I've said it before on here and I'll say it again. My consultant reminds me that if I had a deep cut on my arm I would keep seeing it and be reminded to look after my arm, be careful with it and not bump it. Trouble is you can't see how raw and sensitive your lung tissue is after infections so we tend to forget to be gentle with it.

Hope you have recovered now 3 months have passed. How are you both doing now Jonea and 250?

I became ill at Christmas, had my 1st chest xray in Jan, showed shadow on lung was what I was told then, had 5 lots of antibiotics and 2 courses of oral steroids. 2nd xray showed and improvement but still slight shadow and still some sticky (which I think doc said sometimes referred to as collapsed), Doc said then to go for another xray beginning of April.

I wasn't told I had pneumonia originally, just a lung infection. I am still finding walking very slow and when I do walk say round supermarket, I am finding I am getting pains in my back around the area where my lungs would be. Usually later in the day and I seem to ache everywhere in the evening. Have others experienced this sort of pain and discomfort when recovering from pneumonia?

I was due to go back to gym in April after my break during winter and recovery from illness. I didn't feel 100% still so I Spoke to duty doc yesterday and asked the question outright 'did my chest xray show I have and am I still recovering from pneumonia? ' answer was yes.

So for me, its 3 months already, maybe the pneumonia didn't set in till January.

Grateful for any input.

Many thanks.

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