Underdosed antibiotics 4 chest infection bacteria now resistant to amoxicillin which was working no others working help please advise

Hi thanks 4 listening, I came down with a chest infection on the 9th of Oct as a result of smoking very sensitive to cigarettes n get infection easily although smoke very little(I know silly) but was stressed. They've also burned my tongue I'm so abnormal. Anyhow after 2 weeks of suffering the chest pain headache chills sweats dizziness no energy unwell I went doc. This is not viral as no cold/flu preceding just started in lung. He reluctantly gave me amoxicillin but very low dose 250mgs tds x 5 days. This was a very low dose n I debated whether to take or get stronger dose(boy I regret that now) on day 3 felt much better to the point I went for energetic walk headache gone chest cleared n energy came back however I didn't feel 100% only 70% could still feel a bit in chest. So of course the bacteria was not fully killed n the unthinkable it became resistant to the one that was working on it n it came back well was never fully dead. I'm so annoyed I didn't trust my instincts yet again n now I'm suffering although technical ly it's docs fault 4 ynderdosing. I think he thought it was viral or not that serious but it was bad enough to make me I'll n his dose not work. Iv since tried stronger dose amoxicillin, zinnat, doxycycline and co amiclav n nothing only dampened down symptoms a bit. I can't take this anymore. My lung is really tight n sore my whole lung n chest n iv got a headache n no enery n feel unwell so I just know it's still there. Upon each exam my doc days my lung is clear some infections simply do not produce lung sounds n that's a fact. I'm going back doc 2m as I can't live like this lung feels its getting tighter. Iv sharp pains on walking n when changing bed sheets yesterday lung very sore n struggling to perform n heart palps. I need an antibiotics that will work, any suggestions?? I'm so annoyed this could a been dead in the water weeks ago if only got 500mgs amox. Only think I can think of now is clarithmycin which I avoided at all costs coz it depletes potassium quite badly n iv just spent all year trying raise it which means I'll be back on the slow k which I hate taking but I think there's no options left. Also starting new job in 2 days n just cannot afford to be sick I'm working with children n need to be on ball. Iv been sick n battling with health probs for over a yr n can't take any more n if get called up in work I'll be embarrassed n affecting me further psychological ...anyone had this problem before???

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Welcome Weaklink you are really having problems for which l do sympathise greatly but....

What you need is a proper diagnosis as to what your problems are and, very importantly, should you really be working with children when ill and undiagnosed? You could infect them and vice versa.

Do go back to your doctor and make him listen and sort things out properly.

Very best of luck to you. Xxxx

My, my. What a time you're having! You don't say whether you have copd or some other lung disease/condition.

Have you ever tried Azithromycin? It comes in 250 or 500mg. As sassy mentions working with children is really not a very good idea right now.

Hope you feel better soon 😊


I have an underlying condition which causes a few severe symptoms amongst others. I don't have exact diagnosis, although was diagnosed with fibromyalgia yrs ago but I think it's more precise n pathogical than this. Possibly periodic paralysis or blood disorder. In relation to my lungs I have very sensitive lungs n tissues in general in my body. I'm very sensitive to cigarette smoke n develop infections too easily. In the past it just blocked me right up with asthma like once I smoked out socially n my lungs were blocked for about 2 months after relieved eventually with steroids n singular. I was in a room of people smoking once n developed bronchitis from just a few hrs of passive smoking. Iv also got weak chest muscles sometimes but only when I'm very fatigued n burned out, I stopped breathing in an operation once coz of it. Sometimes I feel deoxygenated in my blood when I havnt slept properly or get very fatigued I struggle to get oxygen in or even speak so I really believe some underlying pathological weakness also causes the sensitivity to cigarettes n alcohol. Anything toxic makes me sick. Unfortunately for me I'm an x smoker gave up at 18 when developed all these symptoms but always had the odd cheeky one here n there n that was fine. Only lately in last 2 yrs iv been getting repeated infections extremely easily. I'm complicated n no1 has ever gotten to bottom of it. I am waiting to see respiratory specialist

Iv never tried azithromycin no I'll suggest to my doc 2m, thanks.

Have you provided a sputum sample for your gp recently so they know what they are treating now, if not i would suggest doing one and taking it down to your surgery.......

I have had countless courses of antibiotics over the last 3 years and never been told i have become resistant to any of them so perhaps your gp needs to investigate things more and send you off for a scan because 5 courses of different antibiotics since October needs looking into

Thanks unfortunately I'm not producing mucus so I can't do this just coughing all the time.

I only became resistant to amoxicillin because it was under dosed n not enough to fully kill off the bacteria so it learned how to protect itself against it, the same as finishing antibiotics too early if it's not fully dead. I felt so much better but I could still feel it there a bit n that's all it needs to regrow. So it's just this bacteria that resistant not actually me. This would a been in dust last month if gotten stronger dose that's the really annoying thing.

Hi I always take doxyclycline as I am allergic to penicillin - doesn't this work for you? You might also need steroids as well. Basically if your mucus changes colour then it is an infection and you would needs ab's and sometimes steroids as well. If it doesn't then steroids should clear it. This isn't always the case though so the golden rule is if you feel ill regardless go to the doctor. One doctor told me it's always better to go and there be nothing wrong then not to go and there is. x

Doxy worked 4 me b4 it was great but this must be different bug. I'm reluctant to take steroids as iv had mineral loss as side effect to meds n lost half an inch off my right leg. My dexa scan shows my bones are ok but only on lower end normal n on verge of osteopenia so I'm on calcium supplements.

Hi there. You might as well have been taking smarties as amoxyl 500mg for 5 days. Your sputum needs testing to find the bug and the right antibiotic. Night sweats are a sign of deep rooted infection. Pain is a sign of infection, pleurisy or pneumonia. A silent chest with all ofthe other symptoms is a sign of pneumonia. WHAT is your GP doing? Go back with a sample and demand an xray and suitable antibiotics in the right strength for the proper length of time - at least two weeks. If you feel really in distress call 111. I do hope that you get sorted.

I didn't know silent chest is pneumonia. Doc said it was viral n will clear up but its not n said if it was bacteria antibiotics would have cleared but I do not agree. I just havnt gotten the right antibiotic 4 it plus the first antibiotics did work which proves its bacterial n now he's just dismissing that fact n saying it takes yrs to develop resistance. Yes it does take yrs but it's this particular bug that's developed resistance coz the dose was too low n it fought back n developed barriers against it like everyone knows this that's why they're always warning about finishing courses n now he's trying dismiss that fact n say the stronger dose would have worked of the same antibiotic well not if it developed resistance. Even though a different doc said you've probably dev eloped resistance now so I'll have to give you something else. Stupid argument he made. I won't be going back to him coz he's just made himself look stupid n contradict what everyone knows. If they don't listen to me n facts they won't be able to help me. I think he just wanted rid of me coz he thought it will go on its own but it's not going anywhere. He said to come back the following week but I'm not going back to him now.

Thanks all no the doxy didn't work, I had that b4 n I was better in 24hrs but obviously a different bug this time. The thing is the amoxicillin was doing the trick but coz the dosage was not strong enough it allowed this bug to become resistant to it what they're always warning against. What if that was only ab that was gonna work. I'm not getting up sputum so I can't produce a sample. My chest is just getting tighter n tighter. Last week the doc said it was viral n will go away but it's not iv no viral symptoms like runny nose etc n its gone over 6 weeks. Viral clears up in 5 weeks I just know it's not a virus.

Last time I'd a really bad infection they said my lungs were clear yet I was barking like a dog n was very ill much same as this except worse. I was also spitting up bright red blood I couldn't breath and could barely lift head off pillow it was severe infection. My heart was palpatating all the time. I was given amoxicillin but never took as I thought that nothing showed on tests its just my weird body again. They really should have kept me in that night when I was spitting up blood n so ill n you could hear it on chest when I coughed. I hate all this test crap coz with me sometimes it doesn't show but symptoms clearly indicated severe infection. I ended up taking a handful of garlic burning my intestines out n going into a deep illness with stomach n other stuff n got no help off docs was just treated so bad. Anyway I wound back up in a n e with my stomach spasming like a 100times a minute which was 2 weeks after been in with chest. At this point they were more concerned with my chest as you could now hear it in my lung n it was bad. I got a good doc this time n she said it was bronchitis from throat to lung n could now see on x Ray too. A pity I didn't just do that before taking the garlic that caused me serious gastro probs. Another doc later Saud it was probably phemonia then someone else sez the x Ray was clear after the doc saying it wasn't clear. They all contradict each other. Anyway my point there is infection was there long b4 it came up on tests. Clarithmycin cleared it up. I thought I was gonna die it was the worst infection ever. Unfortunately I then went into a complicated illness with my stomach gastritis n h pylori bring activated to full force when garlic burned it out of lining n into gastric juices I was choking on acid then having severe like flu symptoms at same time then low potassium all taking months to diagnose n being misdiagnosed with anorexia n psychological it was a nightmare. I only just overcome it a few months ago n now here I am stuck in the Mud again.

The year b4 that is when it all started n I kept getting recurring chest infections from Oct to March half viral half bacterial. Every time I would smoke even one cigarette it would reactivate an infection or start an old one. Was very strange.

Hi. My Consultant has written to my GP stating that antibiotics should be a two week course every time, and this seems to work to get infection under control.

Ok thanks it's just the resistance this bug developed is the problem treating it. I don't know what that doc was thinking of giving me 250mgs amox 3times a day for 5 days what a wally u think they'd know n of course I look like the stupid one now. Amoxicillin was actually working 4 me which is really annoying. It's caused me so much hassle. Up n down to the doc n sick 4 too long.

We keep plodding on.!!!

Will do Thanks.

You have to meet drugs half way for them to work , that means rest, with fresh air and healthy diet & NO smoking.

Drugs do not work overnight and support your own immune system doing the work, unless of course, you have drugs to suppress your immune system then specialized antibiotics are given.

If, as you say, you have had and finished courses of 4 different antibiotics then I suggest you phone the nurses here if you feel you need guidance to communicate with your Dr.

If one cigarette can start off all those problems - and tobacco smoke used to do just that to me - then just don't light up; if you need it only when stressed please buy yourself an e-cig and suck on that. Absolutely nothing in that to irritate your lungs and far more pleasant and satisfying than the cancer sticks - I've used one for almost 7 years and I was a very heavy smoker.

Really would your lungs get irritated that easy iv never met anyone as sensitive as me. N yes I only smoke when stressed very little overall theres no signs I'm a smoker or any degree in lungs I smoke that little. It's only in last while that it's started causing me serious problems n yes I have stopped n tried hard not to smoke but they're so addictive n iv been particularly stressed over last while so get too used to turning to them. I am gonna ask doc 4 nicotine gum n yes I must buy e cig although I found that hurt my throat tissues too. Probably nowhere near as bad but I'd rather nothing at all just have to get used to it n keep up the good fight its not easy when so many ppl around you are smoking. Getting my chest cleared n kicking this bacteria in the butt would help greatly as can get back to exercise etc take mind off of smoking. I get motivation texts every day from hse to help me quit.

Thanks 4 advice.

If you get e-cig get a good kit not the disposable rubbish - they would never work for me. You can play around with the liquid until you get the right balance, there are only four constituents - p.g., v.g. nicotine (or nic-free which I wouldn't recommend if you're stressed) and gorgeous flavours. The vapers' mantra is "We smoke for the nicotine but die from the tar" - that tar which contains countless toxins and carcinogens is the thing you're reacting to so take it out of the equation. As has been said, the majority of us on HU are ex smokers so we know exactly what you go through but please try to quit, it'll be the best thing you do. Wishing you so much luck and better health.

Thanks for that info I will defo get one n have it there. Urges are strong today. Yes defo all chemicals causing harm.

Hi weaklinkdotcom H U have a site for people who want to stop smoking it is called quit support. Just type quit in the search bar at the top of the page. I am a member I stopped 2 years ago I was using the ecig I tryed many times to stop now I don't even use the ecig. After being dx with pneumonia on the 2 nd of November take care when you are ready you will stop x

Thank you yes pneumonia is enough to put you off smoking I had that once too n totally wanted to stop n did but then went into a deep illness n it went from bad to worse b4 it got better n I turned back to cigs unfortunately. Well done to you its a great achievement. Thanks 4 advice. I have joined support network 4 quitting n get daily texts to encourage me.

The majority of us started out as smokers - so are in no position to judge you! I would like to welcome you to the site and say you have been given a lot of good advice above. You are right Amoxy is rarely any use for a chest infection at that strength and many don't find it effective at a stronger level either. I know how difficult it can be to have sputum tested as I rarely produce it but your GP must monitor and keep checking until any infection is gone. Good luck.

Thank you very much.

Hi Weaklink and Toci, I agree about the amoxicillin, absolutely useless especially at 250mg dose.

Makes my blood boil. The recent rules GPs now adhere to re NOT prescribing antibiotics is madness for people with compromised lungs. What are they trying to do? Kill us off?

Weaklink, I was in the same position as you with an infection that lasted 5 months in 2013. The 'first line of defence' amoxicillin 500mg for 7 days didn't work, another 7 days on it still not better, 7 days co-amoxiclav didn't work, and so it went on. Finally a GP put me on Azithromycin. A months course of taking 500mg 3 consecutive days, none for 7 days then repeat twice more. It didn't clear so he px another months course (this is not the same as the prophylactic dose of 250mg 3x weekly that many people with bronchiectasis take). Finally it cleared. I now feel lucky that it worked although I did have enough green mucus to be analysed, it repeatedly came up with aspergillis so he referred me to a consultant.

I took a high dose of probiotic for ages and ever since have taken loads of supplements and vitamins to get my system healed and build an immune system.

If I were you I'd A) get a private CT scan and B) call the BLF helpline (UK office hours) for some guidance on how to move forward to get the help and support you need.

I wish you all the best in getting better & glad you're not bothering with that hopeless GP anymore. There are good ones.

Sincerely, Peege

Thanks peege for your reply,

Glad it's happened to someone else it always feels better when your not alone.

Sounds very similar actually n gives me hope you got right one in end. It just goes to show specific antibiotics work on different bugs.

I'm so annoyed I took that 250mgs dose what was that like a child's dose idiot he's after causing me harm coz that one was working n now no others are not to mention he's prolonged my suffering. I should have known better I feared exactly this happening if it didn't kill it off. I'm sick of feeling like this my headaches worse this morning n I'm dragging my heels n can't think straight.

Funny thing is I can breathe which is why my chest must sound clear but it's so tight my whole left lung n chest is just numb coz the bacteria is obviously leeched into my tissues. But can't breathe on physical exertion n get sharp pains n palps.

I hope I get a resolution soon.

Well went back to doctors yesterday n he said my lung is clear n now doesn't believe iv a bug in there even though I do. My left lung is numb and tight like there's a leather belt wrapped round it. I'm wrecked can't think straight n have a low grade headache that's there all the time. This is so frustrating as I know there's a bug in there n my bodies trying fight it n thats why I feel so poorly. Dunno what am gonna do now. This sucks!! My uncle is in similar boat except they are taking tissue sample from lung to see what bug it is as he's had 5 different antibiotics now. Apparently you can hear in his chest. Dunno but iv had lots of infections n times my lungs were so dry I was choking on my lung couldn't breathe eh spitting up blood severe pain n blocked n my lungs were clear on a stetascope. One time only for the cough came right in front of one doc I don't think she was believing me either till she heard the abnormal bronchial cough n sent me 4 x Ray which was clear n was asking if I'd been vaccinated 4 whooping cough. Iv just really sensitive tissues n lungs. Havnt the energy to fight anymore just wanna be well my lung to unblock n my energy to come back n my head to clear. Starting job today which normally I'd be really enthusiastic about n I'm just not in mood which is not like me. This is frustrating. My uncle said a specialist told him a bacterial bug by the body can take 12 weeks to clear on its own but your body will eventually fight it off geez reassuring in one way but it could be like Lyme a bug stuck in you indefinitely n nothing you can do boy that would really suck. I was looking up salt therapy or salt machine 4 room see if that would help can't believe I'm in this position now, just can't.

I could be wrong but I believe there are no nerve endings in the lungs (someone will correct me pdq if I'm wrong), so the actual lungs can't feel pain. Sore ribs, intercostal muscles/ligaments, pleural pain can though so some more investigation needs to be done - that's why I say a private consultation and ct scan from a specialist is worth it. I wouldn't hesitate now & would beg, borrow or rob to do it! ...well perhaps not rob but use a 0% interest credit card!

All the best. P

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