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Copd emphysema update

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Went to doctors on Monday because of increasing breathlessness. Had sinus infection beginning of Feb took prednisone and antibiotics. But had continuing breathlessness. Nurse practitioner checked my chest said it was clear, oxygen levels were 96/97. So she just said it takes a while for lungs to heal. Then Wednesday I was working, it was raining all day and I got wet about 3 times, I felt more and more breathless. Got home I took my oxygen Sat's again and they were 93, started to feel unwell, backache and feeling cold. so I decided to start my rescue pack again, and today I'm feeling much better. I just think the infection in Feb had not cleared properly but can't understand how my chest sounds clear, although I don't have much phlegm but was wheezy. The nurse practitioner is calling me back on Monday. And I am waiting for chest xray appointment. Its weird how the infection just suddenly comes over you, I want to avoid going to hospital, just glad I had rescue pack at home. I just knew I wasn't feeling right with that amount of breathlessness.

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Talk to the nurse practitioner on Monday Jake and see what she has to say. You seem to know your body well and I’m glad you’re feeling better. Take care. Xxx💜

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Thankyou 😊

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So glad you are feeling better Jake, but still have a chat with the nurse monday. . Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Pleased you're feeling a bit better Jake. We know our own bodies best and it sounds as though you did exactly the right thing. John👍

Hope you are feeling better Jake.I find it helpful to make a note of any questions I want to ask prior to any phone consultation.

Hope the appointment goes well for you on Monday x

Glad things are on the up for you. Something to check, two weeks of a decent antibiotic is best. Just lately they seem to be fobbing the likes of us with 5 days of abs. That may be alright for people with no established lung disease but not for us. Good luck on Monday. P

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Jake25 in reply to peege

Yeah you are right peege.. Thanks for replying 😊

Same happened to me, went to hospital because strong SOB , I wanted to avoid taking steroids because recovering from stent surgery but at the hospital they gave me a 6 days course of steroids (30 mg day) that put me back on track, like a stupid I cut the course 4 days (20 mg day) and now after 10 days I am back to square one...Now I started again but this time I will respect 100% the advice of London Royal Hospital .

Morale: always keep a prednisolone prescription at home and use it even if you don`t have phlegm or fever but only strong SOB, do a crash course of 30 mg day for 5/6 days, it will work and avoid a stay at the hospital.

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Jake25 in reply to pasquino

You are right 😊

Interesting to hear about your sinus infection just phoned the doctor two weeks ago for a rescue pack as was getting more breathless every time I get bad it feels like my sinuses and have yellow discharge from one nostril once I get my antibiotics

I hope you feel better soon Jake. These things often take time to heal. Best wishes. 👋🙂

Get well soon. 🌿

Hope you can take it easy and give your body time to recover properly. These lung troubles are complicated and not always easy to get rid of. Best wishes. xxx

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