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Less mucus when unwell?

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Hi, I've noticed when I'm unwell due to the bronchiectasis and the onset of an excaserbation, I can't clear my chest. I know I'm unwell as my chest is sore and I'm very tired and more breathless (I think we all recognise the signs!)

I have a small amount but not the amounts I usually can clear.

I've just sent a sample, as much as I could and started my co-amiciclave so onwards and upwards. I wondered if anyone had similar symptoms, I realise it affects everyone differently.

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Sorry to hear you are unwell hope you feel better soon. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Same here, if my airways are really inflamed and raw I sometimes stop producing sputum. Then, as the antibiotics get to work, it loosens up. Luckily the lab needs very little sputum for the purpose of analysis

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Heaven20 in reply to Hanne62

Thank you for your response, I think I have a lot of inflammation ation at the moment.

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Jaybird19 in reply to Hanne62

probably use micro methods now adays

A lifelong bronch , I find that when I get a virus my chest is very sore and coughing hurts. The mucus is quite light and difficult to get out. Meanwhile the usual stuff sits down below, not moving. When the virus passes on is when the bacteria takes over and creates lots of yucky stuff and it all wants to come out like Vesuvius. Time to take the abs is before that gets going. I hope that helped.

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Heaven20 in reply to Littlepom

Thank you for that information, always get great support from the bronchiectasis community.

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Littlepom in reply to Heaven20

As you can tell, all of us bronchs are different and here you can find out all of our experiences.

Im very different.i produce bucketloads of mucous when unwell,v hard to keep on top of it.usually green,and thick.my upper airways/ asthma like to take part and also cause additional thick frothy mucous,not forgetting sinuses.i often feel like im drowning..which of course,i am.

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Heaven20 in reply to Patk1

I've also suffered that sensation, with post nasal drip, rhinitis, combined with the bronchiectasis is frustrating, but we have to go with it best we can.

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Alberta56 in reply to Patk1

Oh yuk ! Poor you. that sounds gruesome. i hope it doesn't happen too often.

I have bronchiectasis too. When I can't cough out the muck I know I'm in trouble.That's a sure sign I'm getting ill.

Normally I find drinking plenty of fluids, chest clearing huff n cough cycle, nebulising saline and using a flutter are enough.

I also noticed the more I used my ventolin the harder it was to cough up, it seemed to dry the mucus. My, then, consultant dismissed the idea, however when I was in hospital the doctor on duty said I was right. He suggested using ventolin just to open my airways ready for my other inhalers, each night and morning and only in emergency situations.

He encouraged me to keep practising relaxation to steady my breathing and to remember that clearing the mucus was most important.

Hi same here ,I call it clogging as it feels clogged up not moving until day 3 of antibiotics and prednisolone.

same for me too.... tight chest = virtually no ability to cough anything up.

When I'm feeling clogged up I Nebulise my saline 3 or 4 times a day, drink plenty . I have a good app on Google play called autogenic clearance, it just helps you do your deep and shallow breathing then huff cough, it definitely helps bring up the gunk, hope this helps .

I too have this problem occassionally. I have been prescribed carboscisteine and salbutemol nebuliser twice daily and drink alot of water. This helps alot. Perhaps speak to your GP about medications that help lossen musus. Hope you feel better soon. xx

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Heaven20 in reply to JJ_7

Many thanks.. I am on day 2 of antibiotics, chest is still a bit tight but yes I'm drinking lots (lack of appetite atm) I have Carboscisteine, but find it gives me a sore throat. Might get back on it when this has cleared up.

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poppyshola in reply to JJ_7

JJ_7, I swear by Carbocisteine caps .. I take 3 a day and would definitely suffer without them. I also have Ventodisks and seretide in a disk as pump type inhalers irritate my chest giving me a tickly cough .. and sometimes if chesty I take an OTC spoonful of Buttercup syrup AND for my all year round rhinitis I am prescribed Fexofenadine but have found the allergy season like now (April) I need a it extra so take 1 cetirizine hydrochloride just one at night...

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Heaven20 in reply to poppyshola

I'm also on Fexofenadine all year round for rhinitis, but yes this is the worst time for me.I also have to use unscented washing powders etc.

Do you get any side effects from cetirizine?

I tried many over the counter antihistamines before being prescribed fexofenadine but made me quite drowsy.

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poppyshola in reply to Heaven20

None .. just relief .. before realising I needed extra relief I was awaking with a blocked nose and congested throat .. horrible ! Then I remembered I done the same last year with the same results.. just relief. I'm prescribed nasal spray which helps daytime (NASONEX ) which I use when I have to go outside.. But it's a nightmare ... I have a dog and 2 cats .. when the go out in the garden my eyes start itching .. so I'm grateful to find the extra relief... they are so inexpensive too if you buy them from the online A****N .. I paid £5.99 for a years supply (12 boxes of 30 pills) Allacan... and no p & p as I have prime ..

Hope you're soon be feeling better. xxx

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Heaven20 in reply to Alberta56

Thank you, I'm not too bad, it's the fatigue mainly....

Same here. I'm waiting for it to go away following my covid attack, but it doesn't seem to want to.

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