I was diagnosed in 2008 with copd, I had used to smoke but gave up 20yrs ago. I have managed quite well with only two chest infections in three years, and my breathing is quite good. About 8months ago I started to cough up mucus everyday, I didn't have an infection but have still got the cough although my breathing is still pretty good. I also get catarrh at night with a blocked nose, I would like to know if anyone has advice to try and get rid of the cough, my inhalers are fossil and spiriva. I am worrying about my cough, have seen GP but says it is just copd hope someone can help. Thank you Pauline

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I can't give advice about inhalers...we are all unique as far as they are concerned. But, I have been using Carbocisteine (think that's correct spelling) for over a year now, and that helps thin the mucus which helps the coughing - calms it down a bit. You need to get rid of the mucus so it doesn't become infected, so even though you don't like the coughing, it is essential for you. Do you HUFF? - that helps tremendously too. Good luck :)

Thank you Louisiana I am on carbocisteine have been for a couple of years. Don't have trouble bringing up the mucus so the carbocisteine probably helps. Just wanted to know if it is normal to cough every day with copd as I never used to. Thanks again Pauline

Perhaps like me you could change to mucodyne syrup its helping me .

Thank you, I am seeing the nurse letter today I will see what she says, I'm willing to try anything, do you mean your cough is better on the mucoyne syrup, Pauline

I have good weeks and bad weeks with the coughing but it's always there I think if you've got copd you'll have a cough best wishes.

OK - glad it helps. Better that you cough than let it sit there doing damage :)

Don't know if it will help as old wives saying . Rub Vick on sloles of feet then socks on just before bed do know a few people it has helped with coughing through the night, hope it goes away for you soon take care.

Thank you Primrose will try that tonight, Pauline

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