Hi, my name is Lynn

I have just been officially diagnosed with COPD but I have had suspicions for sometime that I had this, anyway what I need in writing so that I can show this to the housing department that damp and mould is affecting me more as I do have COPD. The privately rented property that I live in has been flooded twice and the bedrooms are still damp and mouldy, the windows have mould growing around them. Can anyone help me to get the council to move me please, I have been trying for years now but the council will not listen.

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  • You need to get a letter from your doctor confirming your diagnosis and take it to the council...They may be able to help on medical grounds but it would depend on your circumstances ...If your single you may not get any help from them.

    You should ask the councils environmental health department to look at your flat because they could make your landlord sort out the damp problem

  • Hi if you are privately renting can't you just move to another property anyway? x

  • Get that letter from the GP and go to a Citizens Advice Centre. All that damp must be playing havoc with your lungs. You could also visit your MP's surgery.

  • Hi Lynn so sorry to hear of your health and living problems. You do need something done as damp and mould are really bad for you.

    Can your GP/hospital help? Xxx

  • I agree with everything the others have said. I would suggest following all of their advice plus -Get your GP to have your blood tested for reaction to Aspergilla and any sputum you have to aquired in your lungs. Aspergilla is a fungus which thrives in the conditions which you describe. It is very dangerous to people with lung conditions and either the council or your landlord should be compelled to rehouse you away from it. good luck.

  • we had a mould problem and condensation in a ground floor flat I rented years ago we got environmental health out , it was a housing association property she wrote to them and told them to sort out the damp and windows in the mean time a council house came up and we was lucky and got that but after we moved out of the flat couple of months later the housing association had all new windows fitted in the flats , I don't know if it applies now but back then environmental health had a lot of power if land lords didn't do as they said they would take them to court and could condemn a property until it was fit to live in , they expect rent from you so they should keep the place liveable for you ,

  • Hi wouldn't it be better to move to another house. It would be less hassle for you.

  • Hi, Yes I agree it would be better to move to another bungalow, but the rental prices are just going up and up to ridiculous prices, I just can not afford them. Guess I will just have to keep fighting with the council.

  • My friend's daughter was the same. She went to citizen advice bureau, they helped her to write a letter to the council. She had a house within six months. Go to see them, I hope they give you some help. Good luck. x

  • thank you, I will after I have sent the appeal letters in. Thanks again:)

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