Time to start on the Prednisilone?

Third day and I'm still suffering. Chest pains when I breathe in or swallow, had pain under my rib cage last night when I was breathing in while trying to sleep. Been really fatigued. Sleeping more than normal during the day but struggling to sleep at night. Go figure. I've been taking Tramadole for the pain but it's not really going to help long term.

I think it's possibly time to start on the Prednisilone (I'm skipping the Amoxycillin because I'm pretty much immune to that bugger now).

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  • Could be an idea to start on pred Symes. Pete has Azithromycin or Doxycycline for maintenance abs and Ciprofloxacin when he had chest infection.

    Feel better soon. Xxxx

  • I've got Azithromycin on a permanent basis now, take it three times a week, every week. I have Amoxycillin and Prednisilone for my 'emergence pack' when I get a chest infection. Thing is this doesn't feel like an infection so I've been a bit reluctant to start taking the Pred. Lucy's looking after me, said she'll get me down the Docs if I'm not much better after the weekend.

    Thanks Sassy xxx

  • Wishing you well Symes. Xxxx

  • Sorry you are in so much pain. Have you seen your GP about the pain when you breathe in. I had that once and was tested for a blood clot. Hope you feel better soon xx

  • Thanks Nottobad. I haven't seen my GP yet but if I'm still getting the pains after the weekend, my wife Lucy will be taking me down there. Not the first time I've had these pains, but it's the first time they've been this bad.

    Thank you xx

  • I hope everything is ok symes. The first time I had that kind of pain when breathing in I was at work and they sent me to A & E the first thing they tested for was for a blood clot. Luckily it was not that. But they couldn't find what was causing it. Take care xx

  • Maybe you are right - but hopefully you will have turned the corner before Monday. Pain is an indication but you know that. I wish you well over the weekend.


  • I was given Roxithromycin, an antibiotic, to protect against any germs I might meet from my grand children or when out an about. I also take a 500mg amoxicillin+clavulnanic acid 3 times a day with prednisone. Don't seem to be having any bad side effects.

  • Straight to docs please Symes! I was the same last weekend..got so bad I couldn't use inhalers. I had pain on rhs, front & back. Went to out of hours docs on Sunday & got sent straight to hospital thinking it could be a blood clot. Turned out to be pneumonia with pleurisy!! I had no other symptoms apart from the pain. Came home yesterday after excellent care at Glenfield hospital & feeling loads better! Please get checked!!

    Sue XxX

  • Hi symes I agree with sue.....it's Friday but if you ring now and explain your symptoms you should be seen.....it's a long time until Monday and there could be many reasons for your pain and breathlessness.

  • Yes Knitter, I'm in agreement with yourself and others that Symes must act now and visit his Doctors or at the very least, phone then and explain how your pain is escalating etc. Otherwise, Symes will have to wait until Monday next to get answers from his Doctors. Don't delay !!!

  • Get this checked out Symes, there's something going on and the sooner its treated the better the outcome. I had to make that call recently which ended with a 2 week admission on IV antibiotics so lucky I didn't grin and bear it for a few more days.

  • Symes I've got the same symptoms I've done a sputum test and it's come back positive do doc put me on co-amoxiclav I've never tried these do hope they work hope your feeling better soon too x

  • I think it maybe wise for you to get this checked out now. Is there a reason you are waiting ? Take care Margaret x

  • Go and get checked out now, right now, hospital please don't leave it, it won't go away and you know that really, make that call and get to A & e right away, please xx take care and get well soon x

  • Thanks for all your well wishes everyone. Not long after writing this post yesterday I ended up going back to bed. The fatigue hit me really hard yesterday. I went back to bed around 10.30am. Lucy got me up sometime after 6pm for dinner. Too late to go see the doctor unfortunately.

    I started the Prednisilone after dinner, and Lucy found a desktop fan to put on the sideboard (I sleep downstairs) when i went back to bed last night to help relieve the humidity (can you believe it was 90% yesterday?).

    Still struggling with my breathing this morning but the chest pain seems to have eased for now (although weirdly the pain seems to have moved to my stomach).

    I don't want to go to A&E only to wait there for 4 hours and feel like the boy who cried wolf when they tell me they can't find what's wrong, or for them to just send me home with a prescription for Amoxycillin, which is useless. But I promise, if I'm no better by Monday, I'll be going to my GP's.

    I'll keep you all updated.

  • I'm no expert of course but I'm glad you've started the pred, it can't do any harm - except cover up something 😁 - it may make you feel more comfortable.

    Please speak to your doc or respiratory nurse about changing your amoxicillin to something that actually might work. It's flipping useless, especially to those who have to take antibiotics for infections.

    You may be tired during the day due to sats being lower than your normal.

    All the best until Monday . P

  • I hope you feel better soon Symes. X

  • Symes, best you make a visit to the doc and to avoid further pain to your ribs, stay of the Trampoline.

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