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Started Physio today, exhausted!

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I've had quite the weekend. Lovely weather on Saturday and Sunday had me out for a walk and sitting in the sun on the Saturday and on Sunday, I drove through to see my parents, a 45 minute drive each way. Spent 6 hours there, sitting in the sun and chatting.

Of course the weather now is crap!

Today was my first physio session. I have a series of 45 minute sessions, once a week and although I managed the session, I struggled as the time passed. At the time my eyes were feeling so heavy, despite plenty of sleep the night before! Legs went super weak too.

I have since recovered somewhat, but am looking forwards to my bedtime! While i'm getting much better, today showed me this is still close to the start of my journey with regards to fitness.

The only time i've felt like this was when I climbed a mountain, with a 15kg back pack, and came back down the same day. That took me 12 hours and included 6 hours of driving to the lakes!

Let that sink in and put it into perspective. It took over 12 hours of extreme exertion to exhaust me prior to all this happening.

Now around 1 hour does the same!

I feel a tiny bit breathless, but often do after exertion. Its odd, as Sats are always 97-100, yet I get this feeling. It passes though and I've been pottering about the house since dinner time a few hours go and my legs feel a little recovered. My lungs have that burning sensation, again, its mild and fairly common with those recovering from covid pneumonia.

I have such a long journey back to fitness.

However, I did it. I also know I can visit friends now if i'm careful and rest plenty.

This is going to be tough, but nothing in life is that easy.

Just as the weather will pick up soon, so will I.

I'm going to beat this and i'm going to climb another mountain.

9 Replies
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Well done for getting out and about!

It takes time though to build up fitness after being unwell.

Too right is that nothing in life is easy!

We enjoyed a spring picnic yesterday and eating the leftovers for today's meals so nothing is wasted!

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You keep climbing that mountain natswright. You’re doing remarkably well considering what you’ve been through. Glad the physio went well even though it was exhausting. You’ve had enough for one day. Take care xxx💕🌸

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A little perspective today. My neck is still sore, and a bit stiff, physio for that on Friday. That aside, I have achy legs today, after yesterday's exercise.

Let's put that into perspective, I had similar aches and pains after a 10 hours hike up a mountain in the lake district.

So 1 hours exercise has done this to me! Its staggering.

But, it's a start, and i should see real benefit from the course.

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Catgirl1976 in reply to natswright

It's great that you got an hours exercise!

Next time it will be easier!

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natswright in reply to Catgirl1976

Hope so!

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Yay for the mountain climber! Well done on 'enduring' physio, it can be exhausting. I can still remember being put into a chair to sit after I came off life support, after a few minutes I begged to be put back into bed it was so exhausting! Be careful not to push too hard too early but you will get there. And when you reach the mountain top plant a flag for us lungies who will be with you in spirit.

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natswright in reply to Karenanne61

I certainly will plant that flag! I remember 6 months ago in hospital, just sitting on the side of my bed had me breathless, and that was on oxygen! My legs are the biggest issue now, I'm working hard to strengthen them, but its going to take a long time

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Karenanne61 in reply to natswright

You can see how far you've come! We just want things to happen quickly but sometimes they don't, and that's rotten! But every little helps, soon you'll do something then realise it took no effort at all.

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Just a little update. Although the Physio wiped me out for a day, with me feeling rather tired, I bounced back the following day and managed a 10 minute walk. I intend doing a 10 minute walk today also.

What i'm finding is that if I do, say 60 minutes of activity at once, it hits me hard the following day. However, if I split this up, I seem to recover from each smaller activity.

It means that I can be more active than I thought and be ok. I just have to be mindful of longer activities.

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