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what is happening

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Hi I am new to this, I have been diagnosed by the snr nurse as having severe persistent asthma stage 4. The nurse the day before I saw said i was at brittle asthma stage, I was taken off my normal inhalers Clenil which the doctor had increased to 1,500 mgs per day and salmeterol but still on montilukast tablets, changing to flutiform 125 with two combined steroids I think? Then last sunday I went to A&E, I have been a number of times over the years and at the drop in centres and have always been put on a nebuliser. Recently the nurse and doctor told me that if I went to A&E they dont give nebulizers any more it's just a spaser with an inhaler, to be honest from then on I have always used my spacer with my salbutomol inhaler at home, usually recovering within around 3 days (shattered). This weekend I was feeling very ill and no matter what I did through out the night did not ease my breathing. So I went to A&E they gave me two nebulizers, salbutomol and atravent, chest xray and started me on steroid tablets and antibiotics. I contacted the doctors this morning and they wasn't aware that my asthma was severe persistent asthma. I work full time and my job is very stressful increasing my asthma attacks, to reduce this i take 2 floxatine per day. I am in the process of filling in the forms for PIP please can you advise me what to do. I also have a disability of dyslexia so sorry about the spelling and grammar. It was hard enough to admit the dyslexia after so many years. Now I have to admit I am feeling helpless about the effects my asthma is having on me. there is only so much you can do to cover up the 'NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATH LARK' isn't there! Please can you help.

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Is there anything cuter than a koala bear, they look so cuddly. Sorry I can't help you, I don't have asthma but someone here will be able to answer your questions. May I say, if you hadn't said that you have dyslexia I would never have known.

I have covered my dyslexia up for years and learned some useful stratagies but cant seem to hide the asthma people start to notice some how think it could be the blue complection

Hi, can you contact the BLF helpline tomorrow either by phone or email to ask for advice.

Citizens Advice Bureaux could help with your benefit query.

I am asthmatic too, so I know what you are going through. I still can't understand though your nurse telling you that A and E don't use nebulisers anymore just spacers.

It's a good thing you went to the hospital and didn't try to struggle on at home.

No worries about the dyslexia ....your post was easy to read.

Asthma UK have a helpline too....I have rung both of them in the past to ask for help.

Take care

Thankyou very much i will do this tomorrow

I am astmayic also but my major problem is with constant infections and that sets off the asthma/ shortness of breath. You seem to be suffering very severely at the moment and I would e go the other posters and suggest you contact the BLF hotline in the morning.


Hello Jecrookes, nice to meet you. I can't help on your Asthma queries, but if you look in the "Topics" column to the right and click on 'Financial issues' there are some helpful tips for claiming PIP.

Good replies for getting advice on your breathing problems, as you say a blue complexion is not a good look!

Would never have noticed any dyslexia either.

Good luck.

Tee x

Are you able to purchase your own nebuliser?? I have two at home which I use when very breathless and my GP writes a prescription for solutions, he knows I will only use in emergency but it gives me peace of mind, One Neb is a portable handbag size, so I am never without if I go out.

Hope this helps. Also you need to tell PIP what you CAN NOT!do because you are having difficulty breathing, SUCTH AS WALK, BEND, DRESS, PREPARE FOOD,MBATHE, DRESS, WALK. !!!!!! You get what I mean.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

Hi Jecrookes love your photo but I think you have a bit of a problem with facial hair. I can recommend Veet Hair Removal cream, available from Boots etc.

I'd also like to point out that your nose job hasn't quite worked out as it should have done either.

On the good side, you do have lovely eyes.

I think that your Asthma is the least of your worries and I can't help with that but I am sure there are loads of lovely people on here who can.

Welcome to our forum. I'm sure you will find the help and support you need and make many new friends as well.

I hope you have a great day. 😀

Regards. John

Thanks john .I have tried those veet strips and wow! Never again

I've been asthmatic for years but no one has ever mentioned 'stages' or 'brittle asthma' to me so I don't know what it means - will have to look it up! I've also got COPD and Bronchiectasis and don't get much info from the medics on those either! Thank goodness the info is out there on trustworthy sites like BLF, otherwise I'd be totally in the dark.

Now, I agree with John who is concerned about that facial hair of yours. It's not the best look, although on a koala it could look quite cute and cuddly. But if it's the only way to cover up the blue, you go for it and don't listen to us lot!

I've only recently joined this site and have found it full of really sound info, some slightly dubious info, and some downright daft - like knitting your own garden shed (Lol!) but it feels so good to be part of a group of people who share some of your own experiences and can offer some friendly guidance or support when you're feeling low.

I love the whacky humour I'm coming across and it brightens up my day. I hope you find it brightens yours too. Life's too short to be miserable!

Hello Jecrookes

Let's break this down bit by bit.

Your doctors now know how severe you are, so hopefully your treatment will improve.

Asthma attacks can be / are serious, so l wouldn't be going to a drop in centre again ( especially after the treatment and advice ) you have had lately.

If you are struggling to breathe, and don't forget you can go down hill very quickly, get yourself to AE or call an ambulance.

Please don't try to cover up your asthma, people who are around you every day, should be aware of how important it is to know what to do in an emergency to help you, you can't explain this to them when you are gasping for breath.

As the others have said...call the BLF, for help and advice asap.

You can get help and advice to help with filling in your pip forms, again the BLF will advice you who to see.

Open up to people, it is alot better than trying to cover things up, people can only help if they know.

I wish you every success in getting the help and advice that's out there.

Velvet...fellow asthma sufferer, with copd. xx 🌷


Thankyou so much

Hi welcome to the group. I would second what knitter says. I used the CAB to fillin my form for pip and was awarded it. Because they know the right words to use. I also am dyslexic. And so is my daughter. We had to fight to get help for her when she was at school. The primary school were no help at all. But when she went to secondary and collage she got all the help she needed. Take care x

This is a good source of help and advice.


This step-by-step guide looks extremely helpful. It was written and produced by Advicenow with funding from the Ministry Of Justice through the Litigant in Person Support Strategy.


Your very helpful post on this (9 days ago, I think) comes up in the "Topics" under Financial issues on the right...so I mentioned it!

Tee x

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