New Inhaler Is Marvellous

I have been there and taken that as far as inhalers are concerned... I even remember life before inhalers :/

I went to my local hospital chest clinic a year ago and the consultant prescribed a new powder inhaler called Anoro Ellipta.

I take one inhalation each morning and to be honest Asthma is kept well at bay these days. (Except for right now). Every GP has not heard of the inhaler and I usually have to explain what it is ... "google it"

The consultant was also an asthmatic and I asked if there was anything he could recommend that would help my continual catching of colds. He mentioned Vitamin C and Zinc from Boots. So I bought some and I have to say the colds have been much less often now.


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  • Zinc definitely seems to keep the colds away and boost the immune system. I wondered why I kept getting chest infections, it then occurred to me that I had stopped taking my zinc supplement. I highly recommend it.

    I also recommend reading the following link for those taking supplements as it offers some good advice.