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New inhaler are they any good I need help

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Good day one and all I saw a new asthma nurse last week she gave me two new inhalers

Revelar ellipta is one and my old fave Spirivar which I am happy with but does the other work? having had Trimbow which made me cough and salamol its a good thing I think I am changing surgeries fingers crossed the one I am with is utterly useless having been diagnosed with borderline COPD Without you lot I would be non the wiser about anything lung related many thanks

5 Replies
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It's usually a case of try it and see. What suits one person won't suit another and trying a new inhaler is the only way to know if it helps. It can be up to a month before the full benefit is felt if no adverse effects are felt in the meantime.

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I loved my spiriva , becloforte and serevent for asthma and bronchiectasis. Had them for years. Consultant changed to Fostair and Incruse. Fewer inhalers and fewer puffs . I really did not want to change but glad I did now. They work better.Good luck. Sometimes new things are available and they work better.

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Hello Looddog, They gave me Relvar Ellipta but it depends what dose if you have COPD, they gave me the high dose and I had an adverse reaction. I take spirava too plus ventolin and seretide 500, but as said its a case of try it and see, I have allergic reactions to drugs so am not a good guide line for new drugs. The one you have been given is supposed to be better and only needed once a day. Do try but any side effects please report them to the nurse who prescribed the drug OK.

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Thank you

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oh Ive never heard of them i use ventolin & evohaler

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