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New branded Fostair inhalers

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I just wondered if anyone has had any issue with the newly branded Fostair inhalers? Got mine last week and had issues ever since. Is there anything different in them or is it just a coincide that my asthma is worse?

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That’s actually quite a difficult question! A new inhaler can take a number of weeks to be fully effective. Also with the extreme heat we are having that could be affecting you as well. Finally I know dust can affect me and again with no rain and extreme heat it’s very dusty.Suggest keeping rescue inhaler to hand and contacting gp or even 111 if really struggling.

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I haven't used mine yet, just thought the packaging had been redesigned.

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I got a generic one this time. It is only slightly smaller than a salbutomol inhaler, but somehow I’m having a bit of difficulty with my technique.I rang my pharmacist this morning as I have another due, to ask if I could have a Fostair branded one. Unfortunately the answer was no. He told me that only the generic ones were “coming through” at the moment. Left me wondering if it is an nhs cost cutting measure.


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How annoying. I did get a different blue Salamol CFC free rescue inhaler instead of the usual ventolin last time. Fostair was the same as usual. P

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Just found this.

Fostair pMDI (BDP extrafine 100 micrograms / formoterol 6 micrograms per dose) has been removed from the formulary due to its high acquisition cost in comparison to Luforbec 100/6 pMDI.

No new patients should be prescribed Fostair 100/6 pMDI. For existing patients, continued prescribing is accepted until the next review when the patient should be switched to Fostair NEXThaler or Luforbec 100/6 pMDI if clinically appropriate.

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