they are driving me doo lally tap

its bad enough trying to get to see the doctors and specialist peeps now the surgery have decided to reorganise my drugs

good old boots and I had It sorted out for a four week rotor including my pills in poppet boxes as have trouble sorting them when sick

my surgery wants it on a weekly basis boots want it at least a fortnightly one what the heck they are puffing must be under the counter

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  • Why can't they just leave things alone squady? Enough to drive you round the bend. Take care. Xx

  • it was working okey for four years thats why the intervered

  • Hi squady, has the surgery given you any reason for the change?

    Surely most drugs come in monthly my alendronic acid and prednisolone.

    I can see why you are annoyed.

  • not a word I found out from boots they are to busy , we have to go to the surgery to get an appointment for an emergency treatment then go back to see the doctor I had it on monthly for our years I shall wait for this af tor slow down then go ok for another surgery thanks for the reply

  • the man from boots said it was my surgery I will bend his ear if I find he lied to me I can deal with the truth no matter how bad

    I cant see boots doing this as they as they have to do it four a month I will be glad to pop my clogs this is not a life thanks for the reply

  • Why does someone or something always have to interfere when things are moving along very well as they have done for some time. Hope you get to the bottom of things very shortly.

  • I love your headline! It was a favourite expression of my grandmother's and has always made me smile. As to the drugs - there does not appear to be any reason to limit you to weekly tablets. Put your foot down at the surgery unless they come up with a good one. Good luck.

  • thanks or the reply I go near there today I will be locked up for gbh not a th0ught given to us that cant exist without them

  • At least, if you are locked up, someone else will be sorting out the drugs, lol.

  • I bet the prison hospital would get it wrong cheers toci that made me grin

  • I know my pharmacist used to arrange repeat prescriptions for me, and then my GP s surgery said I had to order them direct to save wastage .

    So I ring my surgery, they send the order electronically to the chemists .....they ring me to collect the drugs or have them delivered if I need.

    I hope you get sorted soon, you don't need the extra worry and fuss. Take care

  • I had all that sorted lets h0pe it is still on the computer

    ive decided that if it don't improve by id week and my a f is 138 I will go to the hospital thanks for the reply ive found out I cant seem to bounce back

  • Hi squady, I hope you managed to get your prescription sorted today.....nobody needs the extra stress.

    Don't let the so and sos get you down.

  • hi knitter got fortnights supply thanks I feel so ill m bp for the day has been119/65 pulse47 and tachy all day I don't need this on top of stage three severe copd enough of this winging been watching the tennis murray won his match

  • I get 2 monthly repeat prescriptions (ordered online from my doctors website) ordering what I require. Only thing I can't order like this is my rescue antibiotics which I have to put in writing request to the surgery.

  • that's how I had it setup then I got the pills loaded into docket boxes except the pain killers I'm on all my drug list for life thanks for the reply

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