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learning how to drive

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hi all hope everyone is well in the heat. I’ve been living with a lung condition for a year now and I’m starting to become more independent. I want to learn how to drive, which as been delayed because of the pandemic and recent health issues. (I’m 23 by the way). But now I am getting better I am eager to learn. Just wanted to know if there is any support for people learning to drive with health issues. Thank you!

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I have no idear but you could try the ALUK helpline or cab but i just wanted to say go for it dont let your health problems put you off trying and good luck

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Thank you!

I’m not sure but there’s a young lady here….Pokermon who is learning to drive. Maybe she’ll spot your message. But I reckon, go for it! It gives you so much more independence! 🚗

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Thank you! Will try to get in contact

Good luck hope you succeed. It will give you independence and that's a great thing. You can do it xxSheila 🚙🚙💕

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Thank you so much 😊

Are you on Facebook? If so put a general post out in your area (can even hide your name) saying you are looking for a driving instructor and asking for names. I see that type of post quite regularly in my local area for people wanting a specific type of driving instructor or to drive an automatic car, as opposed to manual.

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That’s really helpful thank you

Welcome. Plenty of knowledgeable, funny and well informed people on this site. 🐞

Hi! I know there are instructors who are fluent in sign language and teach deaf pupils so I'm thinking there may well be a list of specialist instructors somewhere - it's just knowing where! A bit of Googling may get you the information you're looking for. I just found this with my first quick search disabilitydrivinginstructor...;

Is your lung condition going to affect your driving, or is it that you will feel anxious about coughing or are you afraid you will have to cancel lessons at short notice?

If none of these apply but you are just feeling anxious about starting lessons (it happens to everyone, whether they admit it or not!) any good driving instructor should be able to help you to calm your nerves and feel comfortable in the driving seat, regardless of any medical condition you may have.

I was the same age as you are when I learned to drive. My instructor was a lovely man. My son was not very old at the time, and my instructor understood that some lessons would be harder because I was so tired. He was just patient - the most important quality to look for!

I hope you are able to go forward with your plan to drive. It will certainly give you a lot of independence and may also open up job opportunities that you may have otherwise missed.

Good luck!

xx Moy

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