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Wife made me go to docs by saying she was going for some tests yer right test it was just to get me there doc send me for xray blood test and now tomorrow got to have a ecg which he is doing tomorrow and then go back next week for all the resalts plus got to see a sherink as well as when i get an attack i talk to someone who she says is not there plus i am talking to someone in my sleep

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you should know by now how crafty these women can be , sounds like the doctors are giving you the full works hope all goes well with the results

7 likes that another spelling mistake mmzetor? Shouldn't that be - how 'caring' these women can be?


Well David, if it's the only way to get you to the docs, so be it! 😄

Your wife knows best! 👍

Good luck with all your tests, you can let us know how you get on 🌷


Good luck with all those tests, David. Your wife obviously knows you well...and has your best interest at heart.

Tee x


Hello David.

I think you are very lucky. Your wife obviously loves you very much. I hope it all goes well.

Cas xx 🌼


Totally agree with the comments by mmzetor,,,,,,,,and you should know by now ,,,,,us women are always right and obviously,,,,we know best ,,,,,that said what a good GP you have he seems to be leaving no stone unturned ,,,,,,while he's got you there ,,,,,,I hope all goes well for you and the outcome is a good one ,,,,,then you can buy your wife a lovely bouquet of flowers ,,,,,💐


Full MOT!!

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Three cheers for your wife! Who else is going to look after you if you won't get yourself to the doc's? Hope all the tests go well.


What a good wife you have there David and l hope you get good reults.

Wishing you well. Xxx

Aw she's worried about u ,please keep up app for her ,she must love u very much ,I'll be fine xx

oops ment ull be fine 😀x

Hats off to your wife for getting you the tests you need - hope results are good x

Ohhhhhhh, I do that as well apparently! It's more than likely me, having a go at! ! 😕

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