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Ask the Lung Cancer Experts: Live at ASCO 2016

Ask the Lung Cancer Experts: Live at ASCO 2016

Interview with Charu Aggarwal, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine University of Pennsylvania Health System and Liza Villaruz, MD Hematology/Oncology Specialist University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

At the annual ASCO meeting in Chicago, Illinois John Ratzenberger, Lung Cancer Advocate, posed questions to two lung cancer experts. The questions were asked by lung cancer patients, caregivers, and John. The questions are as follows:

“Is there a difference between external and internal factors that lead to gene mutations?” – Jack

“Is nivolumab safe to be used concurrently with radiation therapy?” – Susan

“How can a single biopsy accurately profile a tumor for target therapy? If a tumor can mutate in multiple ways, how do we know our profile, as identified in the biopsy results, reflect the true nature of the tumor therefore allow me to get the best treatment?” – Mark (Stage 3b, adenocarcinoma, non EGFR, non alk patient)

“Does knowing your molecular mutation at earlier stage lung cancer have any significance in selecting a treatment?” – Nancy

Immunotherapy and the importance of chemotherapy today.

What is changing in the landscape of lung cancer?

“My husband has lost his sense of taste, any advice you can offer?” – Kathy

“What if a specific treatment is not part of the clinic’s pathway? How does a patient learn about other potential options?” – Sarah

“I have scar tissue in my lung from the lobectomy. Is it a breeding ground for germs? I frequently have bronchitis and other bacterial infections. Is there treatment for the scar tissue to prevent infection?” – Berkley

“Could you please discuss the cons of multiple tumor removal surgeries from lungs and the effects on lung capacity and future cancer treatment options?” – Hillary

“I’m currently taking AZD-9291 Tagrisso. When I start to show progression, what next form of treatment is being offered? Are there any new trial studies being offered as a next step?” – Donna

Has there been an increase in the number of studies for the research of lung cancer in the past few years?

Please click the link to watch the full video below to hear all of the experts’ answers and advice from Patient Empowerment Network

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I heard pharmaceutical companies will not develop natural stuff treatments as its harder to justify cost when developing one.

Also oncologist in usa cant talk about natural stuff potential treatments with out risk of criminal charges.

How can things inprove when pharmaceutical companies have competitive edge and instill climate of fear with oncologists


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