My lovely garden

My lovely garden

My daughters did me a very quick garden makeover when I was told my tumour had returned. I had moved into my new home in December, so I had my first chemo session yesterday, it's going very well up to now, I am sitting in the sun behind glass and really enjoying the moment, reading others posts on this site which I find very inspiring. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. I had 60% of my right lung removed 24.12.14,  came out with a flutter drain which wasn't good, followed by 4 lots of chemo.  Had an apendectomy  in June but that was all clear. So it was a big shock to realise it was back. I am a fighter and am having a lot of support from family and friends.


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  • " hilde.. Your garden looks so Pretty and.... so beautiful on the eye.....Have a lovely weekend..x Megan."

  • Lovely garden hilde and how nice to.have that done for you.

    Never give up and hope you beat it for good this time. Xxx 

  • Dear Hilde,

    I don’t know how to answer you. I’m glad your daughters provide you with support. But can the doctor explain what is happening? If not any nurse, the Macmillan nurse? What are your options? What can you do yourself? I know a chap who “rescued” himself with a strict diet, but I don’t know the diet!

    I hope you find some help and reassurance.

    I’m so glad you tell us and hope someone who had the same experience as you might intervene here. Obviously, I wish you well and hope you will find what your options are. Mic

  • Hello hilde

    What a good job your daughters have done with your garden.  Looks like lots of interesting plants to look forward to. 

    You are having a very difficult time and coping so well.  I am sure the mind can help the body to mend itself . Fortunately we have got some good weather to look forward to and gardening, if you are able, is very therapeutic. If not, watching the flowers grow and the birds building their nests will be a pleasant way to spend time recovering. 

    Very best wishes, keep in touch, Iris x 

  • It's going to look great very shortly given a little warm sunshine Hilde.  I hope very much that everything will go well for you in the future, and what thoughtful girls you have.


  • Lovely garden and makes such a difference to have something pretty to look at and wishing you well xx

  • Keep fighting Hilde and keep enjoying every pleasure available to you, sitting in the sun enjoying your lovely new garden and whatever makes you feel good.

  • Hi Hilde, what terrible bad luck, that's back. What good fortune to have such loving thoughtful daughters. Glad your enjoying the garden & the sun is shinning. Best wishes Nan

  • Hi Hilde,                                                Sorry to hear of the rough time you're having. Have you been on the cancer site?  Lots of stories on there. Have to admit, this site is more cheery. How is your lung function? All you can do is take baby steps. Try to do a little more each day.😊 You have really lovely daughters, to treat you to such a lovely garden. They are the best! Please let us know how you're doing.  Rubyxx 😊

  • That is so pretty and will look beautiful,when all the plants are in full bloom😄

  • Oh dear Hilde poor you, you have got a lot on your plate. Your garden looks amazing, as are family and friends. Stay strong xx

  • Sorry to hear your cancer has returned Hilde. Your daughter had made a splendid job of your garden . Looks a pleasant place to gather your strength for your fight. Take care, love Margaret x

  • So sorry to hear you are having a bad time. Your garden looks so pretty. How lovely to have such a supportive family.

  • So sorry the cancer has returned but hope the chemo sessions will be effective in getting rid of it.  All very best wishes xx

  • Your garden looks beautiful your daughters have done you proud

  • I know from experience that chemo treatment isn't a bundle of laughs, but do so hope this is working for you.  Enjoy your lovely surroundings.  Your daughters have done very well.

    Love and good wishes


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