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But I Want It Now!

Easy enough to say enjoy each day and make the most of your time...blah blah blah...

But I want...and I want now.

Today would be ideal but I'd be willing to wait until the beginning of next week...if I really have to.

The sun was shining brilliantly, so I put a jacket and armed with my oxygen, went down the garden path to look inside my poor little's still feckin' wet in one corner...Himself scowls if I mention putting a heater in I put more cat litter on the wettest parts.

But I want it back...want it back now.

The wind was bitter so that made me cough and I had to resort to using an inhaler...

Then Brian came to measure up.

He was supposed to have come on Tuesday so I wasn't in the best frame of mind...he walked about looking as though he had some vague idea of what he's doing...I asked if he could give a rough estimate of how much it'll cost and he sucked his teeth and shook his head sorrowfully and said he'd rather not at this stage...

But I want him to come now...I want him to arrive with his van full of important looking tools and nice new wood...the ceiling will simply cave in one of these days...then we'll be in a proper muddle.

I'd tried to download a book onto the Kindle and Amazon told me there were 'insufficient funds' so I jiggled the money about so there'd be enough and it still wouldn't download...but I wanted to start reading it while having a cup of tea...didn't want to wait while the Kindle fired itself up and then spend ten minutes fooling about before it finally dawned on me that the internet connection had there in the end, but that's not the point.

There was a bright spot in the middle of the afternoon when a couriers van screeched to a halt outside and a very nice man handed over a shirts and trousers from Head in the Clouds...there was the most delicious smell as I opened it...a waft of patchouli and sandle-wood with a faint hint of wacky baccy...there were some pretty rainbow stickers tucked into the box as well.

Stopped complaining for now...have a good weekend people.

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Hope your shirts and trousers bring some cheer. I also hope that your shed will soon be habitable and all will be well at home. No collapsing ceilings or anything.

Enjoy your weekend. Xxx


Thank you Sassy...have a good one yourself with Pete.


and it's that time of year when you want to be in your shed. I will send you a rocket so you can stick it in an appropriate place in your builder.


Lots of builders seem to do the sucking of the teeth thing - is it on the curriculum at Construction college I ask myself. A lot of them expose vast areas of bum cleavage too but I think you have to have a degree in plumbing for that. I want nothing more than to be left in peace for a while, in the last 4 weeks have had new roof (at last) had a giant hawthorn removed with surgical competence then two days of my lovely hedge-man, Simon. I have made gallons of tea and coffee and have gone through my budget surplus from last year and most of the budget for 2016 too, and it's still only a few days into March. All this while enduring evil agonies which finally drove me to the doctor - gout in my wrist, unbelievable. Treatment was a drug made from Autumn Crocus - highly toxic but I felt happier that it was "natural", quite mad! Hope your pants and tops are up to expectation dear, like me it only takes small things to keep us happy - I am cock-a-whoop at the moment because my sweet jenny wrens have returned to the garden, haven't seen them the past two seasons but they're really so shy and secretive I may have just missed them.

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You made me laugh Dragon which is grand...but I spat a mouthful of tea

Gout is horrid isn't it? My Grandpa had it...excess of uric acid if I remember correctly...

We have many Wrens here but we are surrounded by countryside...dear little birds.

I shall be making sure Brian keeps his jeans pulled up!


Sounds like an excellent plan Diesel!

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I bought two pots of dehumidifier for a pound at poundland. I wonder if there are large versions available?


This is place in Dublin that hires out dehumidifiers to dry places up after floods.


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