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Did I just imagine it?

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I am sure I had a communication in some form or other stating as I am high risk, I am allowed to have the 4th Covid Jab! So, I went to a link and booked in myself and the Wife as my Carer at our vaccine centre.

On the day went with our phones showing all the mishmash of numbers and letters that they gave us to prove who we were. Very nice Peeps showed were to go and I was given a form and told were to sit and wait. They went a fair rate of knots and both of us were ushered into the cubicle. The Nurse went through all what they were going to do and then left the cubicle. In comes an overseer and asked what conditions do I have! I went through my list of conditions. She then dropped the bombshell. Because I do not have an Autoimmune problem, (I do have Temporal Arteritis') I cannot have it as I am not 70? She then did say I wish I could as you are a real candidate for extra protection? If you bought in the form that said you should have it, we would do it.

Now for the life of me can I find that info but even The Wife said she is sure I had one? Getting older is not fun>

Be Well

38 Replies
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I`m with you on the getting older, I hope they will sort it out for you very soon.

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Offcut in reply to tomc

I do not like it mind thinks body is still 18 body then tells it not so

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Hi I hope they get it sorted soon, and I hope you find your fo. Have a good lovely day both of you and take care😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻 🌻

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That’s really frustrating Offcut. You were right there! How ridiculous! Hoping things get sorted very soon. Take care xxx😱😘

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Offcut in reply to sassy59

I would rather some at risk get it i will still wear my mask when out

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sassy59 in reply to Offcut

We’re all at risk I feel and Pete and I wear our masks. I’m pleased Pete’s had his 4th jab. Xx

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Here we ago again Offcut. There are thousands of us who are extremely vulnerable and our docs agree we should have it, even the county GP committees and the people at the vaccination centres agree that we should have it but we are being refused because of the immuno suppression requirement. So putting us at serious risk. And it's over 75, not 70. There is definitely a conspirancy of silence about this. Medics are afraid to go against it. The media won't get involved and Javid is not answering letters, even from his own MPs. And by the way, a deafening silence from Asthma + lungs!

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Offcut in reply to Littlepom


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Jandm in reply to Littlepom

It is still inconceivable. Your consultant warns you to avoid even a cold that would be pretty devastating never mind covid. It’s a respiratory virus and we all have chronic respiratory conditions. Why is our vulnerable group having to fight for this extra protection? We have enough to worry about between more or less permanent isolation, dodging triggers and fire fighting flare ups grrr

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Littlepom in reply to Jandm

So true. What is so worrying is that we are being denied a voice on this with a conspiracy of silence from all agencies who are only too happy to publicise other things. It smells!

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Jandm in reply to Littlepom

I agree. Some are on and off steroids like a revolving door, whilst on prophylactic antibiotics daily, nebulisers, inhalers etc etc 365 days a year with and without this pandemic, yet we are being denied the fundamental right to a treatment that we have been told works and they have been promoting and pushing everyone one to get since it’s inception. 4th jab boosters to increase our protection is a pretty small ask when you consider how many injections have been carried out nationally. If we are the prime candidates of having to go to hospital coupled with the increased rise in patient admissions being treated for covid, then surely preventing that by giving us a £15 jab would be wiser? The nhs backlog will continue to grow and valuable resources spent dealing with the cure rather than the prevention

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Littlepom in reply to Jandm


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What a palaver eh, all that faff only to go home.First time in my life I'm wishing I were a few years older!

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Offcut in reply to peege

But it is me and nothing seems to go to plan ;)

I think they have lost track of what lists they have them selves. I recently had a jab and don't know whether it was my 4th jab, my booster jab or my Spring jab. I only had one, but I over-heard someone talking about a 5th jab. They will be selling clothes with only one sleeve soon.

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Offcut in reply to

I will get the winter one maybe?

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HungryHufflepuff in reply to

Here you go Don. The ideal top for all these vaccines. Saves a lot of time and effort. Not so great for the wet and windy weather but you can’t have everything 🤣

Perfect top for going out for a vaccine
in reply to HungryHufflepuff

Would they have one in my size? 🤣x

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HungryHufflepuff in reply to

There’s not much of it , most of it seems to be space 😄 By which I mean you should fit into it quite easily 👕

I see we’re both awake in the middle of the night 🤔

in reply to HungryHufflepuff

I can’t remember whether I’m going to bed late or getting up early. 🤷‍♂️

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Patk1 in reply to HungryHufflepuff


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Spoticus in reply to HungryHufflepuff

Perfect and reversible I think , depending on which arm you choose 😁

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JJ_7 in reply to

HAHAHA....trust Don to make a fashion statement :))))


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Oh no. What bad luck. Mind you I’ve had 4 vaccinations, have Covid antibodies, go out rarely and always wear a mask and sanitise, and I still got Covid - the only person in my household. Luckily for me, because I’m immunosuppressed, I was entitled to an antiviral infusion.

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Offcut in reply to helenlw7

Both my sons had it and my granddaughter but so far Touch Wood been free of it

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It seems no one knows what’s going on. My mum has immunosupressed and was informed some time ago that she was due imminently for the next vaccine or booster or whatever it is, she wasn’t entirely sure in the end. Anyway she had an appointment last week for an unrelated vaccine and asked about the covid vaccine, the nurse said they have no idea what’s going on, they haven’t heard anything since being told vaccines will happen imminently, and now nothing is happening. 🤷‍♀️ It seems the whole thing is a shambles.

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Offcut in reply to HungryHufflepuff

It does seem strange it seemed to be going so well?

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knitter in reply to Offcut

I had a letter from the NHS inviting me for my 4 th booster as CEV immunosuppressed. Then a phone call as I had not made an appointment.

Do you have a file of letters somewhere or are you like me put it down and forget .

It was definitely an NHS letter, with a lot of explanation on it ….where to phone etc.

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Offcut in reply to knitter

We are both convinced I did but no idea where it is now

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Hi I have booked my vaccine on website and hopefully will let me have it without all the palaver as it's a grey area on definition for conditions

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Offcut in reply to B0xermad

Fingers crossed

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Its hard keeping track of everything especially paperwork and if like me I put it in a safe place then cant find it lol. I hope you can find your form and get the vaccine soon x

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What a b****r. Sorry they messed you about.

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Offcut in reply to Alberta56

Would not be me if it was straight forward

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Bardear in reply to Offcut

I am extremely vulnerable and have been since day one BUT I have tried to get lateral flow tests on the NHS website but wonder of wonders cannot because COPD is not listed. Well I can't find it.My husband is diabetic and has been f,or many years. However he was not extremely vulnerable until 2months before lockdown finished.

111 tell me diabetes has now been REMOVED from the list and rheumatoid arthritis has now been put on BUT as he has rheumatoid arthritis he has to be put on the list by the GP and he has to telephone (Joke) and ask to be put on the list before NHS can do anything.

So not only do we have two vulnerable people in this household and neither of us can get anywhere as in the first instance we cannot get any lateral flow tests sent to us (we are also disabled) if we think we may have Covid.

What a Joke - though this really is nothing unusual is it??

Oh Dear....................... here we go again

Keep safe



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Offcut in reply to Bardear

The new system does not seem to have been planned at all well

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Bardear in reply to Offcut

I agree

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I have just had a Text from NHS stating I am eligible for my 4th Jab as I am on the at-risk register!

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