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muscle pain in ribs

i have copd with all the inhalers .my problem is the muscles between ribs,if i cough,twist round wrong ,or just doze in chair wow its like a dagger ,i have to stretch up and cough to try relieve the pain and its not just in one part its both sides high or low and sometimes around the back.also if i look down if dropped food on chest area my muscle between shoulder blades hurt and also when trying to eat while breathless pain in front of chest ,probaly gulping air with food.i cant take painkillers as its not all the time.i really thought my time was up last night had the usual niggly feelings then my whole front stomache tightened up and the pain .do anyone have same and what can i do it makes me feel i cant go out as i feel an idiot standing with arms up coughing and nearly crying

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Hello daylo

I think you should see your GP. Sounds very similar to pleurisy pain.

Hope you get some help and relief.

All the best

Tee x


" Hello to you Daylo..What your describing sounds the exact problem that I'm just about now recovering from.. What 1008 said about, it could be pleurisy.. My pains albeit they are now starting to subside.. Sound like The pains your having..They are in and all around your ribs and Your back..even your stomach muscles will hurt you with pleurisy.. So my advise is get yourself on some antibiotics.." Do you have a rescue pack from your Dr " if I was you I'd call out the Rapid Response team.. Or go to your local AE department. BUT! Dont leave it..I did, to my cost..good luck and with the antibiotics. You will soon feel well again. But DON'T! Allow it to develop into pneumonia..xx Megan "


Hi daylo I too have had stomach pains from coughing. Had the doctor come round, I did ask at the doctor why he said its because I was using muscles that I wouldn't normally use.


High Daylo I'd recommend a chat with NHS 111, the new NHS direct thingy... telephone 111 - they'll know all the right questions to determine whether it's an emergency or not.

Best wishes


Hi I am glad you posted this (not glad that you have it though) as I am suffering the exact same thing. My stomach feels tight and hard and I have pain all round my stomach area. It is a dull ache and worse when I walk or try and sleep. Could this be pluerosy? I have had it for about 4 days. My back has been painful for a while and it's now crept round to my front. I don't have any pain higher up my back though. I have just taken as aspirin to see if that would help. x


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