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I received an intriguing letter today. It is on NHS headed paper and is (or claims to be) from a fraud officer for my local hospital wanting to speak to me concerning my 9 year old son. I phoned the contact numbers but both went straight to standard answerphone ( it is Saturday, after all). How will I know if this is genuine? My son, after a very sick start as a prem baby, hasn't needed any NHS treatment whatsoever since he was 6 weeks old.

Has this type of thing happened to anyone else? I don't know what to think. The telephone number did not have a local STD code despite being addressed from my local hospital.

Thanks for reading. Clare

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  • Hi Clare, very intriguing letter & sensible of you to be cautious.

    Have you tried googling the phone number? If you type the number you've been given to call, into Google, you will find results of scam phone numbers.

    I've done this recently when I've received a call from a number I don't recognise & it's always a nuisance call.

    Hope this helps 🌺

  • jessy I get a lot of nuisance calls one nearly every day ,

  • Hi mm

    Good job l don't know your number...you would get a lot more !

    Velvet xx

  • I don't answer the phone if dawns there its very rarely for me, I don't like using phones

  • Hi mm

    How strange Mr V hates the phone also...Must be a man thing.

    Us ladies love having a chin wag !!

    Velvet xx

  • Hi Malcolm, I don't get many nuisance calls, thank goodness!

    I'm ex directory & enrolled in the telephone preference service so luckily that seems to help a lot.

    Did you & Dawn enjoy your meal out tonight? 😀

  • we are exdirectory and the preference thing but mother in law still gets through every day some times 3 or 4 times

  • Malcolm! Be nice to Dawn's Mum! Of course she gets through, she's got your number!

    Has Nan got your number? 😂😂😂

  • yes but she don't ring any more she expects every one to ring her unless she wants something , read my post about the meal today

  • Hi I think you should look up the number of your local hospital and call them on that number and not the one on the letter. That way you will be sure whether it is genuine or a fraud. Do not use the number on the letter just in case. Ok? x

  • you could try ring the hospital on the normal hospital number and ask if its a genuine letter and number from the hospital

  • I don't think nhs hospitals would have fraud officers on the patients side, they tend to stick up for their own... have you put the phone no into google? I would be very wary Clare xxx

  • Hi I think cough's answer to ring the hospital on their directory number is a very very good idea. This letter - out of the blue - sounds EXTREMELY dodgy. Take care xx piggi

  • Hi Clare

    Sounds dodgy to me.

    As the others say, call the hospital and check it out.

    Don't call the number on the letter again until you know it's genuine.

    Velvet xx

  • You're all brilliant, thank you for such a response. I would never have thought to Google a phone number. Anyway, I did exactly as suggested and this particular number links to the named lady working for secure.uk.com for our local Somerset hospitals and seems entirely genuine.

    After coming horribly close to handing over all my Microsoft data to a fraudster last week (thankfully our PC had packed up just 24 hours earlier), I am extremely cautious about 'sharing' any information.

    I feel much more reassured - thank you to all who responded so promptly. I will let you know what I find out next week.

    Sleep well, Clare xx

  • I would suggest that instead of trying to telephone you write back to the person from whom the letter is supposed to have come. Tell them that you want more information in writing about their enquiry. Do not tell them anything. Quote any reference numbers which are on the letter. Send it signed for. Inform them that you are keeping copies for your records. Also send copies of the original letter and your reply to the Head of the Trust which runs that hospital telling them that you would like to inform them that this is going on and waiting for their comments. Send that signed for as well.

    I don't know if you are receiving benefits for your son etc. What I do find suspicious is the fact that it claims to come from a fraud officer at a hospital. As far as I know, Hospitals do not have fraud officers.

    Good luck

  • Google the number before you call it, there is a lot of scams going around with premium rate number where by you call it and get automatically connected to a line which costs you an fortune, not saying this is what it is but be mindfull.

    Better wait till Monday and call the hospital direct, if they know nothing, bin the letter.


  • You would have had more information in writing, and it would have to be very serious for any fraud office to get involved.

    Even for app changes messages are not left in case another person picks up the call as it is private and confidential .

    Please ask advise from your main hospital help line.

  • Some have said that hospitals do not have fraud officers. All hospitals will have a fraud officer either internally employed or by using an external company. I work in internal audit and work with them!

  • I can't see how the hospital would have such an employer I would contact your local hospital ask to speak to the name on the letter if they don't anyone of that name take the letter to the police.

    It worries me they know you have a son so have they got hold of records from some place I would do something I would not let this slip.

  • This letter sounds dubious, but having said that Hospitals, NHS and doctors do have legal departments to protect their interests which could of course include a fraud officer I guess. I agree with inhaler1 these departments are only normally used in serious situations. Proceed with caution would be my advice, check the phone number thoroughly, and don't give any personal information at this stage.

  • Hello Clare.

    It's very easy for anyone with a brain cell to make a "genuine" headed letter if they have a computer and printer, so you're wise to be cautious. As you have the telephone number, look it up on line. It'll tell you which area it came from.......may even give you a name? It will certainly tell you if it's a scam. If not try again Monday. Good luck. XX

  • Hi Clare,

    Ooooooh, that needs checking out...perhaps tomorrow. Monday, call the local hospital on their own number and chat with the Fraud dept there? Let them know what is going on. Good Luck :-)

  • the best thing to do with any letters like this is to phone the hospital and 0r known number to check out the validity of the number with them.

    NEVER, give personal details over the phone and always ( when possible ) phone a reliable number to check out if fake or not.


  • I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. Perhaps your son's ID has been stolen or there is someone else with the same name.

    Phone on Monday from a phone box. X

  • I'm glad you are on the ball and straight away were suspicious. Aftetall things like this do happen. Please keep us posted.

  • Thank you to all for your replies, I've been overwhelmed. I had expected at least one reply to recount a similar experience but it seems it is not a common occurrence.

    I suspect that that the letter is genuine and that quite probably the suspected fraud is serious. My youngest son is in robust health and hasn't needed any treatment since he was 2 weeks old. Wading through my medical history would be a very different matter!!

    I'm curious that, although they have my son's full name and our home address, there is no reference to a hospital or NHS number nor D.O.B which are generally standard on my hospital letters. This could perhaps be attributed to use of an external fraud agency but needs clarification before things go any further.

    I shall update when I have more to tell.

    Many thanks again. Clare x

  • Take the number to the hospital near you and they should be able to look it up for you do not phone them or write just take it like I said to the hospital to the main desk as if it is someone trying it on they can clamp it down before some one pays money out to them or gives them every details for them to gain money from there details

  • I would Google the number xxx

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