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NHS sputum testing etc

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Friday 26 August mid morning my sputum sample was delivered to my surgery, I had messaged them two days before advising and asked for paperwork to be ready at reception. I was therefore surprised to have tele call from my GP early that afternoon. I told her that despite taking Azithromycin, I felt unwell, was alternating between hot and cold, hence the sputum sample. Need to know what nasties are still enjoying life in my lungs. As Monday was bank holiday, recognised that may be Wednesday before result known. However result not available Wednesday, Thursday or Friday! I phoned as late as possible yesterday, never known such long delay. Hope no one else is having these delays. x

15 Replies
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Hoping you get those results very soon. Our surgery is usually super quick with blood test results but no idea re sputum. I would think they’d take longer as the lab needs to see what grows. Enjoy your weekend Jean if at all possible. Xxxx💕

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did it go as urgent ? have you spoken to doctor since. ? and how are you now after all that time.

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Morrison10 in reply to Jaybird19

Thanks to you both. Yes spoke to Dr Friday afternoon, told her been taking Azithromycin 250, then doubled them as still felt off, had taken all I had in stock. Started taking Septrin Forte, think they’re helping little. I think all sputum samples are treated as urgent, been doing them for years, never had to wait this long before. Hope we all have good weekend, I’ve just finished Nebulising watched by Morrison, whose gone back out now it’s stopped raining.

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i hope you hear soon. It's possible the lab is waiting to see if any nasties appear that don't condescend to grow large enough to be spotted straight away. 🤞🤞🤞xxx

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Morrison10 in reply to Alberta56

Thanks, that’s interesting thought! Not sure how many nasties there are, time we got on top of them. Will post when get results. Jean xxx

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Oh yes. At least a week now. Used to be 4 days. Good luck with result. X

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Morrison10 in reply to Lfcpremier

Thanks, fingers crossed xx

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Do you have a contact number for your Respiratory team/ Nurse at the hospital. ? They should have access to results of sample if sent to same hospital. I’ve rang mine for results before… which is quicker than waiting for GP. Hope you hear soon

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Morrison10 in reply to Phill1

Thanks, yes I’ve spoken to my consultants secretary many times this year, about sputum results etc. Didn’t want to trouble them again, they have been very good, but if don’t get result tomorrow will speak to them. x

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One year my result took 10days and I ended up with pneumonia and in hospital. After discharge the doctors phoned me and told me the results and I needed to get to A &E ASAP TOTALLY Dis organised

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Morrison10 in reply to B0xermad

So sorry to hear you had such bad attention from your GP surgery, hope they’re better now, learnt what’s required not now disorganised x

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Hope you get the results tomorrow Jean, everything seems to take ages now, its almost as if the country has gone on go slow. Lets hope you can get rid of these nasties and evict them once and for all x

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If your sample has grown a bug, it can take up to 10 days for the hospital to find out what the bug is and thence suggest the right AB to sort it. Patience, I'm afraid, is required.

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Morrison10 in reply to Lutontown

Hi, did reply this morning, it’s now disappeared! Why ?

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Hope the sample you sent had the Azithromycin added as information, otherwise the results can be skewed.

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