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The Pnuemonia jab - the official guidance

Hi Everyone

Following on from the recent Community Poll and as promised here is the official Department of Health Guidance on the Pneumonia Jab.

Department Of Health guidance states that the Pneumonia jab is a one off vaccination – one dose protects you for life.

There are three groups of people who need to be vaccinated against pneumonia:


•people aged 65 and over

•anyone between the ages of two and 65 with the following long term health condition

The long term conditions are:-

•had your spleen removed, or your spleen does not work properly

•a long-term respiratory disease, for example, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (the name for a collection of lung diseases that make it difficult to breathe)

•heart disease, for example, congenital heart disease (a birth defect that affects the heart)

•chronic kidney disease

•chronic liver disease, for example, liver cirrhosis (when healthy tissue in the liver is destroyed and replaced by scar tissue)


•a suppressed immune system caused by a health condition such as HIV

•a suppressed immune system caused by medication such as chemotherapy or steroid tablets

•a cochlear implant (a small hearing device fitted inside your ear)

•had cerebrospinal fluid (the clear fluid that surrounds the brain and spine) leaking from its usual position, for example, as the result of an accident or surgery

You will only be given a booster dose every five years if your spleen does not work properly or if you have a chronic kidney condition.This is because your levels of antibodies against the infection will decrease over time.

Details can be found at nhs.uk/Conditions/vaccinati...



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My spleen is fine but they give it me every 5 years. I have had pneumonia on average every 18 months still but only one failure in 2008.


Thank you for clearing the matter up for us once and for all.


Thanks for heads up .. Made me sweat talking about pneumonia That's a no no of winter ESP as you can CATCH that .. Well that's what I was told IS Bad enough those with like Ebola coughing all over us.


Then I am very grateful to my GP for ignoring that and advising 2nd after 10 years because I was 'only' 53 when I had my first.

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Thank you. I am particularly pleased it is a one off as I had a very bad reaction to it and was advised not to have it again. Good to know that is considered the norm.


Thankyou Mark - that seems to clear the matter once and for all:-)



Thank you that makes it much clearer for everyone.


I was told by my GP it was a one off when I had mine


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