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Bronchiectasis & 4th jab.

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Do you have bronchiectasis and if yes, have you had your 4th Covid jab yet? Looking at the regs. it looks like others are at the top of the queue and need the 4th jab, but I’m wondering what the experience of those with bronchiectasis looks like. Thanks.

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Hi, I believe several bronchiectasis have had difficulties getting a 2nd or 3rd booster and have been successful with just going to a vaccination centre, asking for & receiving the booster. I'm fed up that I've to wait until autumn for my 2nd booster especially with numbers rising while so many are getting back to 'normal' going to festivals, gatherings etc without 😷.

Good luck in getting a jab. P

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Littlepom in reply to peege

Please look at my reply peege and get on the case. We really DO have to take matters into our own hands.

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I have bronchietasis asthma and various other ailments. I have not had a 4th jag. I dont believe I am entitled to it as I am not over 75 .

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Littlepom in reply to teddyd

Please see my reply.

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Stratos20 in reply to teddyd

Yes you are entitled to it. It’s the 5th jab that states over 75’s and those immunosuppressed only, until Autumn. Press for it.

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If you look though previous posts you will see that I had a heck of a game to get my 4th jab. I eventually had my consultant write a letter to state that I should have it. I booked, took it with me and they never asked to see it, just got the vacc in! The way the rules are interpreted, particularly by those who know nothing about bronch is a dog's breakfast. The JCVI states that if a clinician believes that a patient's condition will be made worse by covid or cause the patient to be more ill with covid they should insist on the 4th jab. Nobody bothers to read this. Get on the case and good luck.

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peege in reply to Littlepom

Thanks for the reminder LP, will write to my GP again. I cant quite believe I haven't caught it yet ××

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Littlepom in reply to peege

GPs are useless. You need a letter from your consultant. Phone their secretary. My GPs have been left embarrassed after telling me 4 times that I was not entitled!

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I have bronchiectasis and asthma. Only had 3 covid jabs. Most likely due to not having had more than one dose of steroids in the year. Take care. X

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I have bronchiectasis and rheumatoid arthritis and have had my 4th jab. Not sure why but think it could be that I am on methotrexate which makes the immune system low. Alot of people are now just going along to their local centres and asking for the jab x

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I have bronchiecstasis and I’ve had my 5th vaccination. This is because I also have severe asthma but mainly because I’m immunosupressed due to the meds I take for rheumatoid arthritis.

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Both my bronchiectasis and my pseudomonas consultants said a firm no because I’m not on immunosuppressant drugs. I quoted the JCVI bit about making existing conditions worse at them to no avail. I was just about to go down Littlepom’s route of writing to mp etc, or even just presenting myself at a vaccination centre, when I caught Covid (despite extreme caution over the past 2 years - butmy partner brought it home😢) The first I knew about it was a burning pain in my right lung which disappeared with painkillers. The GP told me to start my rescue antibiotics. Anyway, I’ve survived and had my first negative test yesterday, after 13 days. Still tired but improving daily and walked 3 miles yesterday. Get the jab if you can!! Good luck 🤞

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I have Bronchiectasis and have had five jabs but I’m also immunocompromised. I have a friend who is stage four kidney disease and wasn’t invited for her forth jab so she went on the internet clicked to say she was immunocompromised and got her jab. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Hi, I have Bronch and I have had my 4th jab. I had a text telling me to contact my GP and she organised the appointment for me. I had no reaction at all. Hope this helps. Take care Maximonkey

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I have Bronchiectasis. I went to a walk-in centre for my 4th jab. Just told them I’m vulnerable and need the extra protection. Went to the same walk-in for the 5th jab but told I have to wait for Autumn 🤨

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