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Nebuliser Lung Trouble

Nebuliser Lung Trouble

Been using my nebuliser for year half now.

As and when MAINLY every Two day's

Stuff i use is Hypertonic Sailine 7% only BUT of late i have been geting very dizzy when using Hypertonic

Is enough to put me off using it as am falling over after.

I told my GP and he said its just salt water SO i should not be feeling like that BUT offerd no advice

So my question is : dose anyone else use hypertonic saline 7% and. Feel dizzy wile using it.

Also if you suffer from lung hyperinflation low BLOOD CO2 and nebuliser use contribute to BAD BREATHING hypervetalation and Hyperinflation

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I have been using the saline every day for two years but have had no problems and find it very good for loosening the mucus. Sorry cannot be more helpful.


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Hi cheers yer i dont know whats going on

Is one thing after other LIKE you say are and as been very good at loosen mucus.


Hi Daz, I find that I can get a bit dizzy sometimes when using my nebuliser for any length of time. I think I tend to breathe too deeply for too long. My solution is to stop when I am using the Saline Nebs .....just have a break and breathe normally for a while ...then restart. I do this a few times.

I think there is something in my instruction book ...I will check and let you know.

I got my two nebulisers from Evergreen...and when I have had a problem, I have rung or emailed helpful.

I hope this may help you...take care....hope you are managing your breathing ok.


Hi knitter cheers I think I am to ... Do try suck hole pipe machine into me lungs.

Hospital that give it me .. Never told me out about breathing to deep saying that hospital my lung doc never told me till over day I have suffer hyper inflated lungs and low co2

Hi Daz, I don't know much about nebulisers anymore (used to administer them to patients in work) it has to be the way you're breathing coupled with the low CO2.

Your GP could have been more helpful - being a doctor & all that.

Try knitters method of perhaps ring BLF?

At my asthma check with my new practice & new nurse I demonstrated my inhaler technique, she laughed & said "you don't have to breath in so deeply, a normal breath is fine". I'd always tried to take them long & deep in the misguided notion of getting the medication to the deepest parts of my lungs.

You could have a look at YouTube new demos to check the tecnique? Peege xx


Yes my nurse told me that you just inhale normally on your puffers instead of giving it a but of wellie !!!


Hi Squirrelsholt yer I was guilty of that :) but the told me nout just made sure I did not have reaction to stuff then shove you out the door

Hi Peege cheers sound advice .. Defo agree about Doc Gp

Hi Daz you haven't been using that oil Longlungs uses have you lol

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Hi onamisson nor don't think I have BUT do have memory problems :)

Wouldn't mine more drops one or two of that iodine contrast tho

Sorry I can't be of any real help but I say, your nebulizer makes mine look antique ! Mines been broken for over a month now and the NHS hospital in my area has none spare and are still waiting for a delivery ! Good luck with getting a more helpful reply.

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Cheers hope the sort you soon

Hi D3nis,

I don't experience any dizziness but find that it can take me up to 3/4 to an hour per session (twice a day) to go through the routine of a Ventolin Neb then a 10 min break and then slowly taking some times 3 breaths of Saline before I start coughing up the you know what and small break to calm my throat down and then a few more breaths of saline and so on and so forth. When I first started with the Saline I tried to get through the sessions much quicker and found that I was pulling muscles left, right and centre with the coughing and got completely worn out.

Maybe as suggested don't breath so deeply and take short breaks during the sessions.


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Hi Bayleyray Cheers yer routine is to cock really am always forgetting stuff and late

I blame me free sprite ... defo right about rushing is like a chore am going to relax and try breath as normally as any of us can

Sorry I can't help with this Daz. I hope things get better for you. x


Hi Toci Cheers I do to .. it seems one thing after other of late

Cheers thanks again :)

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