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Hi all, I have been debating whether to buy a nebuliser and wondered if anyone had any advice.

I have Copd and I only have 1 lung due to a cancer . Do you think it would benefit me? I am using Trimbow at the moment but find it dries my throat.

Are the portable nebulisers any good. Thank you. 😊x

16 Replies
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Please look at other posts about nebulisers. The main thing (especially being a UK resident) is do not go ahead unless you know for definite that your doctors will prescribe medications for said nebuliser! Many doctors, especially GPs will not issue meds for nebuliser. Rationale is that if you need to use one, you should be going to A&E…. I am fortunate to have a nebulisers at home and it’s saved me attendance hospital numerous times. However I have had the discussion about when I should seek additional medical support.

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jillygirl in reply to Bevvy

Thanks Bevvy πŸ™‚xx

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Welshtoffee in reply to jillygirl

I agree with bevvy. I had a really bad asthma attack went to to my GP . Had to have a nebuliser at the surgery. He said I needed to have more nebulisers said either at hospital or at-home. He contacted the pharmacy got a discount on the nebuliser and sent a prescription there to he collected. I then had to go and see the GP every two days and was referred to a consultant .Consultants not happy with home nebulisers say if that bad need to go to A& E .Have used home nebulisers a few times at home under supervision of the GP. My asthma is better controlled atm and not needed to use the nebuliser for years. Hope this helps

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jillygirl in reply to Welshtoffee

I am seeing my GP on Tuesday so will have a word. I dont think I need it except when I have a bad flare up. 😊

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Hi, it is not easy to get nebuliser solutions prescribed, usually nowadays it is a hospital consultant who initially prescribes the meds, however medical grade saline solution can be purchased from such as Amazon and eBay, I use it now and then to help relieve mucus build up, hope this helps...

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jillygirl in reply to mymouse

Thank you for your reply 😊x

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Hi jillygirlAre you using a spacer with the Trimbow? 😊

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jillygirl in reply to Jake25

Yes I use the spacer and mask xx

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I sometimes have a nebuliser when Ive been an inpatient

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Morning jillygirl - if you want to buy a nebuliser speak to Evergreen Nebulisers. I have a hand held and a ordinary nebuliser from them. They are excellent at advising which machine(s) are best for you and their after care service is very good. As others have said, GPs do not seem to prescribe medication for nebuliser use, this usually comes from a Consultant via the hospital (I have colomycin which my Consultant prescribes and I collect from the hospital). You can buy saline from a chemist but take advice on which strength is best for your needs. Take care and keep safe.

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jillygirl in reply to PAP48

Thanks for that All good to know . 😊

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My Nebuliser was prescribed when I was admitted to hospital a few years back. I was given it on discharge. I only use it occasionally and hadnt used it for over a year. I decided to use it again a few days ago as I was suffering breathlessness. I found the mask was faulty and not working.

Phoned my Respiratory team and They brought me a new one yesterday.

You have to have the nebuliser prescribed in order to get the medication. Ask your GP or Respiratory team if it would benefit you

Good luck xxSheila πŸ’•

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Thank you.

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Have you tried rinsing your mouth or gargling with water and brushing your teeth immediately after inhalation may help .

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jillygirl in reply to Digger0

I usually rinse with water. shall try the brushing teeth too. thanks . 😊

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Like others have said, speak to your GP/health care specialist about being able to get the solutions for the nebuliser. There are portable nebulisers on the market, my partner found some on amazon (a couple of them were faulty, we were able to get them sent back and got replacements). Having the portable ones have been helpful for my partner and seem to be quieter

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