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Hi i am 74 yo Male i have COPD etc etc

will a nebuliser help me at all

I have a green inhaler i take night and morning and a blue one i take when i8 need it

Like a lot of us who have copd i cannot get out in the wet wintry months it drives me crazy but it is what it his

Anyway any advise about nebulisers would be appreciated

15 Replies
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Hi Eastend555A nebuliser will only help if your GP recommends one and prescribes medication to use in it. Go get yourself a check up.

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Eastend555 in reply to Jake25

Thanks Jake it make sense but you dont see a doctor anymore ime afraid its done on the internet

But i will try it they might even phone me back lol

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Jake25 in reply to Eastend555

You should have a copd nurse or nurse practitioner at your surgery, you don't need to see the doctor. Just tell them you would like a copd review. Good luck. 🤞

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hi, a health professional has to prescribe the medication for a nebuliser .

It was my consultant who did mine .

Nebulisers are not suitable for everyone .

Maybe give the ALUK helpline a ring tomorrow to UK residents during office hours .

0300 222 5800

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I was prescribed nebuliser ampoules but no nebuliser! It seems if its deemed necessary you buy the nebuliser and the ampoules are prescribed. However, your respiratory team should be able to lend you one to see if it's useful before you splash out. I have one on loan, I've barely used it but palliative consultant has told be to hang on to it!😂

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Buy one along with saline ampoules. Loads of choice on Amazon. They're a good investment.

I used it during suffering from covid.

The only way you'll know if it's beneficial is to use it from time to time.

At the point that you'd need to be using a nebuliser with salbutamol because your doctor had just prescribed it, is not the time to be trying to buy a nebuliser and working out how to use it. Be prepared.

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I couldn't manage without my nebulizer.Salbutamol and ipatropium

Also have spiriva respimat and fostair and ventolin inhalers and a spacer (spiriva can't be used with a spacer )

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floating_ in reply to Serendipity68

It can, just depends on the spacer and the type of Spiriva. I use Spiriva Respimat and an AeroChamber, works great.

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I've never, thankfully, had to use a nebuliser but I can so agree with the cabin fever of being trapped at home whilst the rain pours outside.

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For me the nebuliser was a breakthrough! After many years of recurrent excerbations with trips to the emergency room, followed by months of Prednisone , I finally have some control myself. A nebuliser is not expensive, I have bought a second one from the internet that is in my son's house, so I don't have to carry mine . You can nebulise medication like salbutamol or just saline solution.Good luck

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I use Nebulisers with Salbutamol and saline 3 times a day. It has been a life saver. I don't know why it took so long to prescribe since I was struggling at home and work well before Covid. I think there is excellent advice here and would encourage you to ask for a COPD review. Good luck :)

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I dont have copd but have a nebuliser for my bronchietasis /asthma.I got mine from the hospital/consultant.

I use it for saline and sabutamol all prescribed and on repeat prescription.

Worth a discussion with your GP or respiratory nurse.

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Hi, I do have a nebuliser, which I got free with my medical card (I'm in Ireland), and I am prescribed ipramol nebules for it, which I find amazing. It really helps greatly for my wheezing, a god send at night before lying down to sleep. I use it 4 times daily if needed.

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Some great replies to your post.I have a nebuliser prescribed by the respiratory team and have found it invaluable .However my only concern is that because I deteriorate so rapidly I have poor judgement as to when I need hospital help as I nebulise and think I shall be fine....

Good luck and let us know how you get on .

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I asked for a nebuliser and was told I didn't need one!My consultant told me that 10 puffs of my blue inhaler equals one go on a nebuliser.

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