Flu jab

Had my flu jab yesterday ,,,,,,,so far so good ,,,,but the nurse did say quite a few patients have complained of headache and/or sore throat ,,,,hope you've all had yours and no nasty side effects ,,,,,I've loaded the drawer with throat lozenges ,simple linctus cough medicine ,paracetamol ,vitamin C ,,,,,,and a fridge full of orange juice ,,,,oh and my echinaseia,,,,,,,I think that should see me through a a few weeks ,,,,haha ,

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  • That explains it then. That is what I had last Wednesday.

  • I'm sure you'll feel a lot better in a couple of days after taking that load of meds! Get well soon

  • Hi ,,,,I'm ok ,no problems thanks ,,,,it's just the nurse said to be aware of possible side effects, as some patients had reported side effects ,,,,,so far no side effects for me ,,,fingers crossed it remains that way ,,,',,,,,,,,,I stocked up with all medication including steroids and antibiotics ,,,,,,just being prepared ,as I don't winter very well ,,,,,hahahaha ,,,,,,I should really hibernate for the winter,,,,,,,although most of my friends say that's what I do ,,,,,,

    Keep well ,

  • I have had no problems at all with the flu shot….fingers crossed for you

  • So far so good ,glad you were ok

  • hopefully you will be ok take care

  • So far so good ,,,,,

  • I got my jab yest i feel lethargic my throat sore my nose running. Nothing a day in bed watchn tv wont cure.

  • Box of chocs always helps to ,,,,get well soon

  • hope it does not continue all winter that is one of the problems with the jab!

  • I must be lucky, I've never had any problems with the flu jab. Hope you're OK.

  • I'm fine I'm like you never had any problems ,,,,,I was just stocking up for winter ,,,,,be prepared etc etc ,,,

  • No nasty reactions here thank goodness. Pete doing ok so far. Hope you will stay well Nanny1086. xxx

  • Good to hear

  • Wont touch the flu jab always got far more colds in the year I had a jab. Other friends have the same problem either colds or cough or just feeling ill all the time. I use a homeopathic remedy, have done for the past 10 years. Not had the jab for 20 years, too dangerous for me.

  • Had mine this morning, nurse said she'd had no reports of adverse reaction .....so far! So fingers crossed. My medicine cupboard needs restocking, it's on my to do list.

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