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Excuse the title. I am absolutely sure that this course of steroids and antibiotics have not touched the haemophilus influenza. As all symptoms pretty much the same - only felt better on one day and it wasn't yesterday or today. So, picked up a spit pot from the Doc's surgery today to do some more samples to have tested. I rang yesterday to ask to get one with the labelled bag for it to go into but he left a message with the receptionist today to say there was no need if everything had cleared up - what made him think it had this time? He knows as well as I do this could be a long hike and - as he calls me his expert patient he knows I wouldn't ask for one if I thought I was getting better. Last steroids today and last antibiotic on Thrusday am. Well at least he is optimistic! Glad someone is!


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  • Hi Sian, I too had a problem with recurring haemophilia influenza, in the end a consultant immunologist immunised me against it and it has not re appeared in my sputum cultures since. It maybe something that you can ask about when you attend UHSM?

    Good luck,


  • Great tip Carolyn. I think I may ring them up and ask if I am currently receiving any medication that may hold up any treatment. Was a little worried when I read BeckyCA's post this morning about the steroids she had been taking so will note that and phone and write a letter to UHSM to see what they say I should do before seeing them. I wonder could I get a referral to a consultant immunologist privately and get that. Worth a try eh? I am at my wits end almost. Really want to get things done about this now. Sorry not a very patient person and the steroids haven't helped these last few weeks. This has all been going on since December now - well that's when I had my first appointment and then x-ray and then eventually got to see a consultant privately and it is now just rolling on. Thanks Carolyn.

    Love and hugs



  • My husband is the same with H I. 15 infections since November. Had one clear sputum test and then came back. Hospitalized 4 times had iv and every antibiotics. Back again on antibiotics and steroids. Due to see Neurologist next week due to pooling in throat, which is where the gunge seems to be sitting. Never ending. Regards.

  • Hi Barst, I hope your husband's health improves and that he gets a break from the HI soon. I'm curious about why he is seeing a neurologist about sputum pooling in the throat. I hear lots of people mentioning this pooling in the throat and in recent months this is where most of mine seems to come from as well. But how could a neurologist help ?

  • Hi Billie Jean 2. through the numerous tests and hospital admittances the swallow team was involved because Alan seemed to have a permanent rattle in his throat. He was sent for a barium video. This showed a lot of pooling in his throat. Showed he had silent reflux. Also that through years of coughing his tongue and muscles in his swallow had weakened and where not working right Hence he could not cough the stuff up and it lay there and infected. Missed the first appointment through being in hospital. Bet u wish you hadn't asked, ha ha.

  • No, I'm delighted I asked :) Now that you've explained, it makes complete sense and the information will be helpful to many of us. Your husband isn't the only one around here with a rattly throat. Some of us are rattly and crackly all over. I have Bronchiectasis and my crackles are sometimes deafening when trying to sleep. Sort of, snap crackle pop combined with a sputtering sound like sausages frying:)

  • I returned from a month long Cruise last year with this virus caught we think from the air con as other passengers were suffering. Its taken many months to clear and only now using Azrithromicyn long term every other day and steroids on going have I had an improvement.

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