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Hi I been diagnosed with osteoporosis on 30th June after breaking vertabrane 6 and 8 in my back in 2013 now i been told I could of had it before and not known about it. waiting to be referred to a rheumatologist that's in October 3 month waiting list I I'm in chronic pain with my back shoulders arms hands now its starting in my sides and lower back and some days my kness. Does anyone know if I might hàve rheumatoid arthritis? I I'm 33 years old.

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You have a blood test to see ifif you have rheumatoid arthritis. So very sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. Sending a very gentle hug for you


Hi can the doctor send u for the blood test? I feel like am not getting no were with the doctors think he sick of seen me took me a year to get a bone density scan after having three xrays on my upper spine bone density scan results was 2.0 spine 2.0 neck 2.5 hips. I'm on alendronic once a week and adcal two twice a day it was the spine neurosugeon I went to see that refered me to rheumatologist.


October seems such a long way away when you are in terrible pain. I care for my hubby Pete who has osteoporosis because of long term steroid use. He also has a prolapsed disc which causes chronic pain. I do so feel for you as at 33 you are so young to be suffering so much.

Do let us know how things go won't you and good luck to you.

Sending good wishes your way. xxxx


Hi sassy69 doctors are not sure why I have osteoporosis if it wasn't for the neuroosurgeon I went to see I wouldn't of been refered to a rheumatologist my bone density results was 2.0 spine 2.0 neck 2.5 hips I'm on alendronic once a week and adcal two twice a week. I hope your hubby is ok xx I will let u know how I get on good wishes Joanne xxx

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Hi, I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. I got osteoarthritis in my 20s after a motorbike accident I was lucky to come through alive with multiple injuries and fractures. The consultant will be able to come to a diagnosis once he has seen you and heard your full story. Have you asked your GP for pain meds to help you through till then?


Hi eregendal I I'm on co codamol gabentin naproxen amitriptyline neurosurgeon I went to see seems to think I oready had osteoporosis that's probably why I broke my back that was just from my friend picking me up and dropping me so it wasn't from serious accident. U sound very lucky after your accident u must of been putting up with pain years I only done year and half and its getting me really down :( xxx


Hi Marsden. I'm on co-codamol when I need it and etodolac (a 24 hour receptor specific NSAID) every day. I was distracted with pain in my 20s but used all sorts of things to help, including acupuncture, osteopathy, exercise, and the main thing, distraction. I keep myself so busy doing things my friends keep telling me to slow down. Now with my COPD diagnosis I'm having to slow down a bit physically, but that doesn't stop me being busy mentally: I have a huge post card collection, I organise the music for my church and play the organ there (2 hours practice a day), and I enjoy simple computer games to relax with.

If you find your pain difficult to cope, ask your doctor to refer you to a pain clinic, where they will help you find strategies to manage your pain, which will stop you feeling so helpless when trying to cope.

Wishing you all the best, M.


Oh my goodness you are very young to have this. As you have to wait so long and are so obviously in pain have you thought of paying for a private consultation? They are usually cost between £150 and £350. You will find that probably at your local private hospital you will be consulting with the same person you would have been with on the NHS. Quite often they then put you back on their list for tests - scans etc. This may be of some help to you. Though 3 months is not very long my partner had to wait a year to see a rheumatologist.

Take care of yourself




Sorry to hear this Marsdon, that's bad news about your health and you must be in great pain whenever you move. I would try to see someone for advice, wish I could be of help.

huff xxx


Sorry to hear this marsden - pain is so draining. Good luck with your appointment.



Sorry you are having a bad time, have the same problem myself. Started off with Osteoporosis in my lower spine &hip and now I have Osteoarthritis in all my joints. You will get your diagnosis from blood tests, bone density scans and from giving details of your symptons to your consultant. When I get a lot of pain I take a stronger pain killer and sit in a bath of Epsom salts for a while,seems to help. Not too long until you see a consultant, hang in there. Take care . Tina x


Hi Marsden

I can't really give you any advice.

I wish I could help you in some way.

Your so young to have these troubles. Life just isn't fair sometimes. You have your whole life ahead of you. Hopefully

you get some good help. Meanwhile,

maybe you could do the private consultation. Oct. Is way too long to be in such pain. I wish you good luck and

I do hope you'll let us know how you

make out.



Thank you fibberti xx


Thank you all for your kind responses people finding it hard to reply back to all as I find typing quite hard xxx


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