Omeprazole with Sucrose?

My chemist delivered these to me 2 weeks ago, noticed the difference in the packing but thought no more about it.

I have been feeling unwell for the past week so I checked the new type , and saw the word Sucrose, my usual Omeprazole did not contain Sucrose.

1) Why did he decide to change my script?

2) Why did he not tell me this when I e mailed him 3 times last week about changing my inhaler, he sent me Evohaler instead of Easyhaler?

Tried to contact the surgery but was always told the drs are too busy to take calls and they had no appointment vacancies.!

I was feeling unwell again and last night so decided to have an early night, I projectile vomited on my bedroom carpet, no warning or anything.

I am now convinced that it is the new Omeprazole that is causing me to be unwell.

Will not take anymore until I can see my doctor.

Have been with this chemist for 2 years without any problems. I would prefer to go to see him to discuss it but it is too far for me to walk and no direct bus route, thats why i do electronic script delivery.

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  • Hi are you sure it's your doctor and not the chemist

  • Hi, can you ring the pharmacist this morning as it is too far for you to walk. They may advise you over the phone. Take care

  • My husband used to take Domperidone along with various other medication. Earlier this year he was putting up his tablets for the week & ( fortunately)noticed that instead of Domperidone he had been given Dihydrocodeine . Because of his medical condition & along with his other medications it could potentially have been fatal . The excuse at the Pharmacy was that the boxes were both dark blue & next to each other on the shelf !!! They did hold an investigation & of course couldn't apologise enough,but I can't emphasise enough the importance of being vigilant with medication .

  • This was on "Inside Health" this week on Radio 4. Somewhere they have a pharmacy robot which doesn't make this type of mistake but it is all too common with humans - especially where the boxes are the same because they are generic medicines but different tablets.

  • Actually the pharmacist said he was going to see this done in England (we live in Wales) but I haven't had the chance to find out whether he plans to get one .

  • Where in Wales do you live Helen08? I live in West Wales.


  • What is sucrose used for? I'm not familiar with it.


  • Sugar. Xxx

  • I take Lansoprazole which is a very similar medicine for gastric reflux but my Husband has Omoprazolle for same conditions but we both get different brands and when we made enquiries it was the brand that was cheapest that was ordered by the pharmacy if you want the same brand ask your GP to name the brand and they have to order that for you every time. I take a tablet for a heart condition but my GP doesn't want me on any other brand so it's ordered for me. Hope this helps I am sensitive to changes so know how you must feel. Good luck

  • Phone your pharmacist and speak to them, it could be they are using a different brand of the Omeprazole and they can get the brand you usually have for you. Jan x

  • Did you get your medication straightened out today?


  • Thanks everyone for your input.

    The pharmacist does have my original Omeprazole in stock but he cannot get it delivered until Monday. I don't think it will do me any harm to go without for a couple of days.

    I will make appointment to see my Dr on Monday to discuss the errors at the pharmacy and ensure it was not him that authorised the changes in my Omeprazole and Inhaler.

  • Morning all.

    Got my 'proper' Omeprazole delivered today so relieved,

    Not feeling too well over the week end, SOB and dizziness, could it be taking the wrong capsules last week? or is it because I have started taking new multi Vitamins?

    Will check my BP in a while when I am calm see if that has gone up.

  • My wife takes omeprazole 20mg. In the last month they have switched supplier and the new ones are bright yellow. This color is created synthetically and is called Quinoline yellow. While permitted in the UK, it is banned in the US and Austrailia due to association with hyperactivity and a link to ADHD in children.

    So why does a capsule that was white now need to have a food additive in it (E104) to make it bright yellow......?

  • Hello,mine have been switched to bright yellow as well, Spanish I think,they must be cheaper! Previously they were from an Irish company.I've had them for 3 weeks now , no adverse effects so far......😮

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