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Bad days

Yesterday was some what a bad day I have hadsome new meds for copd my blood pressure is sky high I have tablet for my prostat I take pain killers for my knee replacements all in alli take over 12 tablets a day I have never been so iLL from the day I stopped work I do try to keep my mind working I am now a house husband I do all the cleaning and washing because my hard working wife still works but yesterday day seem a bad day am I the only one that goes though this or am I just monning for the sake of it?

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You are allowed to moan! You have a lot to cope with and some days are much harder than others. Hope you have a better day today, lots of love TAD xx

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Hello Edtongue

It's good to get your feelings off your chest...if you want a Rant, Have one on here, we all understand.

It is hard to adjust after retirement, and role changes, especially if you are having health problems.

I'll let you into a little secret, Have a day in the garden relaxing in the sun with a can of the cold stuff and a good book. Just before the better half comes home squib some polish around the lounge, and put your exhausted look on. She won't notice.

Hope you feel better soon

Crafty Velvet xx


Well today I thought I would get off my bum as a lot of people have said I spent most of the day in the garden it felt good but it halfed killed me most of the time I was out of breath I got some done will have another go tomorrow having a sit down now and a cup of tea could do do with some bics but the wife as put them some were so having to go with out sorry about the moan but it was good to get it out


It is good to have a moan or rant or just stamp your feet from time to time. I am a glass half full person but I am now at the stage that I can either try it or forget it! What ever I choose I will make sure it does not change my life.

I do things that afterwards I realised I maybe should not of with a comment from my family saying we told you not to do that!

Onwards and upwards!


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