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Lung Pnemothorax

Dear Doctors ,

My Wife was suffering from Pnemothorax she is 29 year old non smoker , Were last year she has undergone VATS surgery she has got Multiple bualle on her both Lung were on right side there was giant bullaes which was removed at time VATS surgery s till she had small many of them on both lungs after surgery the lung had expanded , we also have done checking of lamb test which was negative , she had deficiancy of vitamin D3 showing 5.6 En , We dont know how it happened to her in this age were she also does not smoke , still now she feels heavy to breathe some times , I want to know cant it be cured for life time , is it an life threatening disease cant it be cure for life time , if yes please guide , we have a kid of 3.5 years old we both love her too much we want her life time please help us

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Hi, I wish I could help you. Other members have had VATs surgery and will be along soon. I've heard the recovery is lengthy.

Are you in the UK? You can call the BLF helpline 03000 030555, UK office hours or send them an email with your concerns for your wife.

She will need to avoid germs, eat healthily, exercise gently.

In the UK we have the 'PR' course - pulmonary rehabilitation. Try to get her on one of these.

I wish you and your wife the very best for a long future. Peege


Hi, i had Vats surgery 2 years ago but not for the same reasons as your wife. I am much older, and I have copd. I got pneummonia post surgery and frequent infections but now i am fine, i still get flare ups but i am better in my health than for many years. I do hope your wife is the same. Love Margaret x

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Hi, I just re-read your post....we are not doctors here. We're patients with varying degrees of knowledge and experience of our own lung issues. P


How is your wife now? Happy New Year to you 😃😃


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