Vitamin D must of missed it?

As some of you may know I have had a little bit of a nightmare getting anything done at my GP's Surgery. I ended up in A&E and from there on to Ambulatory Care were all in all, they have tried their hardest to sort out my multi-conditions. Earlier on in this saga they did a long list of different blood tests to eliminate what may be a trigger or cause? As would be expected these tests and results went to my practice and Ambulatory Care. I received a hand written letter asking me to attend a meeting to discuss the tests I had from my doctors ASAP? Thinking the worse I called and explained the letter and its contents to see a doctor. Once there the doctor turned around to me and asked how I had had so many blood tests as they would not of ordered them? I was summoned more to see who sanctioned them? I asked if there was a problem with any of them to be told besides what I have already no, but have these couple of tests again.

I heard nothing from my practice again.

Last week I received a letter from Ambulatory Care and on there were a list of my diagnosed problems/conditions and on the bottom was Vitamin D Deficiency! A quick look at what that could mean to me and my conditions and it ticked a few boxes. But also got the grey cells twitching as to why the test that showed this, was not seen on the summoned appointment at my GP Practice? First thoughts was do I just get some Vit D from chemist and carry on? Chemist Said NO! I need to see what the test result showed so they can deal appropriately was their reply.

After nearly a week I get to see a practice partner with the letter I received last week. I explained that it states I am Vit D Deficient but it was missed on the visit to go though my tests with Doctor ****** who ordered a couple more but I heard nothing back on them? He looked in the notes on screen and says but you have not had a test for that? I asked if he is looking at Doctor ****** tests or those 4 weeks earlier the hospital did? As expected they have not put the letter on the system, so I show him what I got. I could see that he was a little frustrated to the fact I knew more than him on this matter. He flicks back until he finds the hospital tests. And then gets a book and looks though a section to calculate what I need from the results on screen.

He then explains that he will give me 90 tablets of 800 IU Vitamin D3 but I will need another blood test after the course to see if I need to change anything? While there I asked could this be why my joints etc. are paining me as they are now for the past few years. He confirmed that it could but it is not good with my heart conditions either. Just before the end of our meeting he confirmed with me it was Doctor ****** Who I saw? So It may well be a a chat in her ear or just trying to pacify me? I will probably never know?

Be Well

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  • I honestly do think you should move to our area... where everyone knows who has done what and why...where you're never kept in the dark over anything at all...where each Consultant or specialist is n contact with their counterparts in different departments...

    You'd have to put up with the old grumpy guts nursey

  • I wish I could. I am of Irish decent...most Dr I met here in US seems to minimize everything or just dint care...and they suck at sharing info

  • I can deal with grumpy guts. It is the grey mist of indecision I cannot.

  • I have read on a lot of forums that those (us) with COPD do frequently suffer from vitamin D definciency. Like we need to lack anything else...

  • If you look at how my conditions have affected me? I am so sedate now I have put on weight which in turn as you get older do not make as much Vit D. But the lack of Vit D can exacerbate the conditions and is especially increases coronary problems? and the cycle begins into a downward spiral.

  • This metastudy may be of interest:

  • Nice bit of info there and so far it makes sense with me on a lot of what it says. Need to get to the end but thanks.

  • Bloody frustrating! But on the good side I hope that the vitamin D tabs. help you like they did me. xxx

  • What did they do for you?


  • I was so so tired, so achey and felt pretty down really. I read that vitamin D could cause this and asked for a blood test which showed me as borderline deficient. Took the tabs for three months and hey presto felt marvellous. TAD xx

  • fingers crossed.

  • I'm having a problem at the moment I'm going on Wednesday I have not had the results from my last none fasting vid D test I do wonder if some of these GP's are working with the government to kill us off to save pensions

  • Mmmm?

  • Lack of communication and indecision seem to blight your life at the moment Offcut. Not good but let's hope the Vit.D do make a difference to you for the better. Wishing you well as always. xxx

  • Me Too. Seeing Cardiologist on Thursday so I hope he has the holter results by then?

    My GP's take 2 weeks to put any letters on their system. I sold a system in the early part of this century that would of scanned and indexed into their system in seconds. They have a limit set at 2 weeks so it takes 2 weeks!

  • 800 is a really low dosage. My Dr. Wants me to take 4,000.


  • He did not say how deficient I was so I have no idea what is needed but I hope to see an improvement on something?

  • Do check out Offcut. It will give you more up to date doses and tell you the many illnesses vitamin D3 can help prevent or cure, it is quite an eye opener to read. I too was found to be vitamin D deficient.

  • I have been surprised on the amount of things it can be associated with to be honest.

  • Another good link. From that info I am taking 10% of what I should be? But as I do not know what the test threw up I have no idea if I am on what is needed or just being pacified?

  • They're giving you just enough to stop your bones going soft, probably unaware there's more to vit D than that:

    I've been taking 5,000 IU/day for years. My serum vit D level is 150 nmol/L (60 ng/ml). My doctor said that's good.

    Phone them up and ask what your serum vit D level is:

  • Just in case. Vit D contraindications:

  • If I call the GP Practice I am lucky to get a name from them let alone anything else. The receptionists seem to think that they are in charge? I called a few years back to ask about an Xray to be told it was a slight infection but in fact it was double pneumonia. then got an ear bending from doctor for not coming in earlier when I felt even worse. the Resp nurse would not let me write down my first spiro numbers? I think they must have a all patience's must be idiots ideology?

    Sorry for rant.

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