What do you take for Chronic Bronchitis

I have a touch of both Asthma and an element of Chronic Bronchitis with normal airflows I am told. My 25-75 is slightly down and I suspect my volumes have increased but are in the normal range.

My breathing is however not good and driving me mad. Can I just ask if there is anyone else here with a similar diagnosis and ask what meds you are taking.

My Pulmo is saying no to Spiriva. I do get relief for a few hours from Albuterol but hate the effects. Symbicort which used to work a treat makes me feel worse and Advair has me coughing up lots of phlegm. Becotide seems to work a little but isn't a silver bullet.

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  • I have to say Spiriva has made a HUGE difference to me. Also have asthma and chronic bronchitis. Peak flows rose over night.

  • Is that all you take?

  • Also take Montelukast and salbutamol. Plus have nebuliser for exacerbations.

    But is Spiriva that made difference. Have tried other inhalers over years but they were useless and gave no help / relief despite taking for months / years

  • Thanks for that Bevvy

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