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bronchitis amoxicillin

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hi everyone I’m new to this forum I’ve just been diagnosed with bronchitis by my GP and put on a course of antibiotics amoxicillin 500 3 times a day , I’ve only had one days course so far , when will they kick in or I start to feel better the lack of sleep is unbearable, and coughing through the night , Thankyou just seeing if anyone else has experienced this , it’s getting me down now 😢

10 Replies

as with most antibiotics they should kick in between 48 and 72 hours but usually it depends on your metabolism hope this helps 👍🏼

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Welcome to the forum Bluey43, good to meet you. Antibiotics should kick in within a day or two but, if you don’t feel better after finishing course, do go back to your doctor.

Feel better soon xxx👍

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medics usually say abs kick in within about 48 hours. I'm glad you've got 500mgs, a decent dose.

Please contact your gp if your sputum is still coloured the day before the abs run out - and yes, many many members with our various lung diseases have been where you are. Sipping cool water may help with the coughing as well as sleeping more upright and you could look up deep diaphragm breathing on you tube, it always helps my asthma coughing. Good luck - oh and a warm welcome to thiis marvellous patient's forum! Peege

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corriena in reply to peege

can i add i always sip warm water as this helps loosen the flem and relax the airways .

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They have it spot on, I can't add to that, except to say hello and welcome :) xx

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hello + welcome. Do keep propped up & ii find tspn honey +lozenges help ttoto coat throat. alsoo slow down yyryr breathing + aim ffoforfor deep slow breaths.u wwiwillwill get better

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Thankyou so much everyone second day of antibiotics so hopefully start to feel improvement soon xx

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AB's take a a good few days to work. Amoxicillin is a broad spectrum AB, and works with a lot of bugs. Hope you're having a sputum analysis done, in case that AB is not the right one to sort the bug you have. Sometimes if the bug is virulent or becoming AB resistant, one may need an Intravenous AB. Your GP is what it implies, knows a little about a lot, but may not be au fait with lung diseases.

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Hi Bluey43 and welcome to the site. Hopefully your abs should start to kick in today and with luck you will start to feel better soon x

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go bzck to your gp you might need different ones or steriods as well

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