Hi hope everyone is keeping well and wish all you people that are having treatment and ops the best of luck.I just wanted to ask if any you had suffered gallstones this excruciating pain is horrendous i was due to have my gallblader removed within next 2 weeks went for pre op assesment last week then told i would get apt to go see the anethestics team got phone call Monday from hospital to say dont need to see anethnitist as they are not willing to do it as i am very high risk and given it was only march i was critically ill and ventolated she ended the call by saying sorry looks like your stuck with your gallstones my consultant at western in edinburgh not happy and is going to be calling them as no follow up with the surgeon i am under to see what he intends to do no meds been prescribed nothing i just resort to taking Andrews salts when its unbearable had no faith in this surgeon mr inmin from day 1 i think it is Pushin on my diaphram xx

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  • I really empathise with you - the pain is excruciating. When I had a golf ball size gallstone I used to use my nebuliser as I felt I couldn't breath. Of course you will have been told not to eat any fat.

    The registrar I saw originally thought the consutant would not do the surgery, as with a lap choly as well as the GA they pump in gas (not great for us). He wanted me to go home and think about it. I refused, as the pain was impacting so much on my life and requested to see the consultant. He came in and was wonderful. He was going to try lap choly and if problems relating to lungs cropped up he would then do open surgery. He too wanted me to see an anaesthetist. He too was very positive. He did liaise with my resp con and I went onto the resp ward for 4 days and then transferred for the op. He had a bed reserved in HDU. Luckily all went smoothly and I didn't need it.

    Not sure what your lung condition is hun, nor how severe or where you live but I do hope your consultant manages to find a surgeon and anaesthetist confident enough in the knowledge they can do this safely.

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

    Love cx

  • Hi cofdrop thanks so mutch for replying mine also is large stone i am very dissapointed and let down on the decision a huge brand new hospital that does no have 1 anethnitist confident or qualify enough to carry op out yes i was told they would try keyhole but might have to resort to the big op and i would be taken to icu afterwards i just hope my vent consultant can arrange something in another hospitalthat are confident enough to do op have you kept well since you had it removed? I hardly slept wink last night with pain my bipap machine felt as if it was pulling my insides from me hope you are well xx

  • I really feel for you. I have kept well with regard to the gall bladder removal - great relief. Too unwell tonight to go out with sis, daughter and gd to Disney Dancing on Ice - gutted - yet another outing spoilt but nothing to do with gb.

    Sorry I digress. I do so hope they can sort something out for you - you can't go on with that sort of pain indefinitely. The nurses told me docs come themselves or bring their families to be treated by the surgeon I had. If you have access to Yorkshire and get desperate, which I hope you don't, please don't hesitate to contact me for his details. As I said hun supposed to be going on hols but I would deffo get back to you on my reuturn.

    Hope it doesn't come to that and your con can sort this out for you.

    Love cx

  • Aw thank you what a lovely Kind person taking time when your not well to reply i am so sorry you ae missing your night out its so unfair we can plan to go out and lo and behold our illness prevents us from keeping the plans at times i hope you are going to be well enough to go your holiday take good care and enjoy your hols i shall hear all about it when you come back hope your health improves love jackie x

  • Hi Jackie, my 15 year old daughter has a gallstone and causes her lots of pain and hers is only smallish but they've not even mentioned what they intend to do b4 it gets bigger, anyway although I don't suffer myself with them, I feel for and hope ur consultant can get it sorted for U. Take care xx sonia xx

  • Yep, me too! I've been living with it for a few years now. It does come and go but I have made some diet changes which help me, hope could help you too.

    The only dairy i have is my 1 cup of tea 1st thing in the morning. Normally get away with that. I use soya milk on my cereal which is nicer than it sounds. Alpro is a brand name, very nice but if pennies are stretched the main supermarkets stock their own as well which is cheaper ant still nice. I know things maybe different for you but I have found it has also helped to cut out wheat, my cereals are always oat based, bigger supermarkets have variety, variety being the spice of life :) It has been worthwhile reading labels and experimenting to see what helps and what doesn't, and only make one change at a time to be sure.

    The pain is horrendous, and I do hope you get relief asap. Nausea is quite bad at times, but I use it as an early warning signal, any worries and I call my GP. Temperature rise could indicate infection and urgent dose antibiotics usually sorts me out.

    I wish you all the best. Tulip x

  • I too have had my gall bladder removed but due to my COPD being bad I ended up In ICU for 5 days and have been told if I get ill again they wouldn't operate anymore.

  • Hi Jackie, that's awful the pain is excruciating i know, had mine out pre copd days and no problems since. I really do think you should take things further and push for a different surgeon. Good luck and take care xx

  • Hi I really feel for you. I was taken into hospital to have my gall bladder removed because the pain was dreadful. BUT the Anesthatist was not happy to give me a General Anesthetic - his words were "I can put you to sleep, I can keep you asleep, but not certain I can wake you up after the op". So the decision was made to leave it until it was an emergency. Obviously I was not happy and was back to taking Tremadol. which was the only thing which would help to relieve the pain a little. A few months later it was discovered that the bile from the liver was not being removed by my gall bladder and a scan showed stones stuck in the bile duct. So I was scheduled for an ERCP to remove the stones. This was done with a sedative injection, a tube put down my throat and the stones retrieved from the bile duct. A piece of cake no problem at all and not uncomfortable. Rested for 1 hour after, toast and tea and off home. As the toxins from the liver could not escape it was also causing horrendous itching which had been going on for 15 months and to my relief the removal of the stones and a cut made in the bile duct ( to allow any future stones to fall out) the itching gradually went. As of today I am so grateful to be free of the stones and the awful itching.

    Hope this might be of interest to you, but you really do have my hope for you that you get sorted soon. Best wishes Judy

  • Why won't they operate

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