Vitamin Supplementation

Please, please could I ask if anyone is thinking of taking above the recommended daily level of a vitamin supplement to look at the NHS CHOICES website under Vitamins and to consult their health professional first

A scientific controlled test was done on Vitamin D 3 and COPD.

But in excess Vit D can cause bone and kidney damage, a blood test at your surgery can tell you if you are deficient.

Everyone is genetically different, has different health conditions, diet, medications and even live in different climates, their vitamin levels will differ too.

I know many Healthunlockers will disagree with me but so be it.

I think it is better to be safe than sorry.

Take care

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  • Oh for goodness sake ,you wanna look at the highly toxic drugs given by the. NHS..?????????

  • Hi you are welcome to disagree with me that's ok.

  • No I want to see the end of it!negative to carry on negativity

  • I'm not disagreeing ,it wasn't about the vitamins ,it started by the people from Nottingham being criticised ,they were helping and did not that.

  • Hi colours again, I have been thinking again and in some ways I do agree with you, many drugs are highly toxic and I have taken some that have made my symptoms worse, but they come with a leaflet itemising side effects .

  • Hear hear knitter for your common sense approach. A simple consultation and blood test can save unwanted side effects and new damage to organs.

    Medical advice should always be taken even before taking on taking up a new exercise regime.

    We need to protect all that we have.

    Take care and be safe.


  • Just to say that I believe in self help and not relying on my prescription medications alone, but I would just like people to be aware.

  • Well done Knitter I agree with you entirely. x

  • Taken from our community guidelines which everyone should be aware of....

    "Professional health information

    Information posted on the site can support but not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals. Information from the site may inform your discussions and exploration of treatment options with healthcare professionals. You should always consult a healthcare professional if considering changing treatment or medication."

  • Your caution and warnings are commendable and I for one greatly appreciate them - people should not rush headlong into anything until doing thorough research and taking advice from a doctor - I think stilltrucking is a brilliant example of looking in depth and making informed choices.

    thank you knitter xxxx

  • A balance diet should take care of our vitamin needs without supplements. As you say, too many can be a s bad as too few. I know I am deficient in Vit D because I am not allowed any sunlight and my GP tested me and monitors me. He also combines the Vit D with Calcium because you can't absorb one without the other. I have to have blood test ever three months to monitor my level. Why waste money on something you don't need when thy are available on prescription with the safeguards of regular medical checks.

  • Very good advice knitter. Far too many people are too eager to grasp at any supposed cures, despite the lack of clinical proof. If there was an easy answer to our ills, we would be receiving it by now. One miracle cure does not negate the fact that we have a progressive, and largely incurable disease. No-one wants to face this reality but for the vast majority, this IS the truth. By all means, stop smoking, exercise sensibly, eat a good and varied diet and supplement where advised by a GP. One day a cure or enhanced treatment may well be discovered but realistically it is likely to come from medical and pharmaceutical advances, not a miracle cure.

  • There was 70-odd years between the bacteria-fighting properties of moulds on cheese and fruit first being noticed, and definite proof that penicillin could save lives.

    Should anyone tempted to self-medicate with mouldy cheese during this time have refrained from doing so because it wasn't a proven treatment?

  • On an individual level, absolutely not. We're all entitled to make those decisions for ourselves, just don't forget the vitamin supplement industry exists to make a profit for its owners and shareholders and is equally capable of making exaggerated claims about the supposed health benefits of its products just like any other capitalist company.

    Only recently some members on here were subjected to financial losses incurred as a result of false claims from vitamin suppliers offering the "Cure" for which we all are searching. All I'm cautioning is to be wary of false claims of miracle cures, and be sure you know what pills you're popping. It sounds to me that with your detailed research into these items, you are probably very well placed to make those judgements. Some claims by other members are much less rigorously tested and as such should be treated with a degree of scepticism. and are certainly not a substitute for good medical advice.

  • Fair enough.

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