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You Ever Have One Of Them Day's .. When It Hits Home

You Ever Have One Of Them Day's .. When It Hits Home

Just how grim lung diease can be .. am sorry to say am having one of them day's to

Stark realiseasion that what you have is quite serious and life threatening yuk yuk enought to make you sick really

But as you will know av been suffering from periodic leg movements and tremors ever size i was on them rank AZI antibiotics feel like strangling manufacture if i am honest.

Anyway i got results of my blood test COMPREHENSIVE

Coverd everything from my b12 to iron and thyriod down to infection's ... and i was goven all clear SO i here you ask why am i sulkinking for a better word

Well that would be down to my periodic leg movments treamors and always tierd yes a other yuk yuk

So today it wass decided given i had faild the doc's Cerebellar hand nose finger test i would be referred to a neurologist as it appears to me a lay person half my brain was not working ONLY joking more like Cerebellar disfunction

The implications of Cerebellar Disfunction are at best simple tremors or a stroke or at worse given lung diease a form of cancer marker but till i see the nurolagiest its anyone's guess but as i fell over is not looking good

Might need a poo stick to poke ot with lol only joke but what i did notice a tad ago was when i was on tthem antibiotics was base of my neck at back of my skull hurt

Anyone know a good solicator eh


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Oh Daz, what next for you I wonder!? It does seem to be one thing after another and even the antibiotics are not helping you but adding to your problem. Pursue the Cerebellar problems and don't let the medical profession fob you off. You need to be checked out further. Let us know how things go and good to see you still have your sense of humour. Take care. xxx


Hi Sassy59 Cheers i was just wondering that my self then my carrer phoned said dhss was giving him problems and asking about my condition

Like really you could not make it up .. but yer have to laugh or you would cry

At leat my lung doc will be happy as asbestos exposer can cause propblems with ya cerebellar

A dont think al pul that out and put under microscope unless nuroligest gives me chunk lol

Anyway cheers thanks

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Hi ItsBame

Cheers thanks for link very informative ;)

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Don't let them grind you down Daz. Good luck to you. xxx

No! No! No pulling a bit of brain out to look Daz! Seriously you do seem to have acquired more than your fair share of the side affect of your lung disease/conditions. Well they are not going to pull the wool over your eyes any time soon are they . I know you will fight them with both barrels blazing, lung dysfunction or no. They just don't know what they are in for.

That video scares me though as I did most tests ok but was more than a bit iffy on one one or two. Maybe I'm having an off day so I'll try again tomorrow.

Best of luck with the Neurologist.

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Hi butter-fly cheers yer i do my bit lol

But as to test there is definative test yer you put you feet together stood up strait keep hand to side and eyes closed and look up to celling if ya fall over or blow about like a leaf in the wind you proberly have same condition

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Thanks Daz. Yup will do that one. Tomorrow. I'm in a good mood today!

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