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Have nearly finished Doxy Rescue Pack but still got pain in one lung; anyone had similar experience?

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Hello everyone;

Have bronchiectasis and had 13 of 15 Doxy rescue pack. Been nebulising regularly and staying indoors. And doing respiratory exercises. Except for pain in lower right lung, I don't feel that unwell, although can't sleep much, but certainly not well enough to go out in the cold.

My sputum is frothy and opaque (light) and wonder if I had, in fact experienced a flare up? My GP snapped that I should have given a sputum sample before taking the antibiotic and subsequently not being too friendly.

However, I will contact my GP again but curious to know if anyone has had a similar experience? And if so, how did it turn out?

Hope you don't think I am bleating but It does helps me to write about it!

Best wishes to all.

16 Replies
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Were you told you should give a sputum sample before starting rescue pack? Seems counter intuitive to having a rescue pack at home if you have to give sample. Especially if (as would be in my case) difficult to get said sample to the gp surgery.

Anyway aside from that I regularly require more than one course of antibiotics and steroids when I have a severe chest infection. So yes contact gp and insist on appointment today. Hope you feel much better soon.

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Frustrated12 in reply to Bevvy

thank you. No, wasn’t told to bring in sputum sample before starting rescue pack. In fact was told years ago to start rescue pack as soon as possible to bang the flare up on its head. All very confusing, and problematic.

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Since the beginning of Dec I think I have had every bug going including flu covid and unfortunately pleurisy. I have now finished steriods and antibiotics ( back on my azithromycin)

Still have pain in my back (right lung and shoulder) and mucas building up. I dont feel particularly ill just extremely tired.

Will see how today goes and call my Gp tomorrow. Thankfully my asthma nurse and Gp have been great. My consultant appointment is next week so will probably get a CT scan. I think it worth checking in with your gp or respiratory nurse

I hope the pain eases soon.

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Frustrated12 in reply to teddyd

thank you. Hope you soon get better also.

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Well said Bevvy. You must see your GP. You may need a stronger antibiotic than doxy. If the infection is still there, surely it would show up in a sputum sample.

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thank you.

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I have simular problems I thought it was a flare up of my Emphazema but it was Pleurisy. Just getting pains on coughing now

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Thank you

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Morning Frustrated, I was told by my consultant to always take a sputem sample to GP when I have a flair up, if you have started your rescue pack they can always give you a different antibiotic if it shows up that's the case, my rescue pack is 14 days odmf co-amoxiclave then raje down an other sputem sample. Good luck, take care and stay safe.

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Hi.. So contradictory whether or not to take an antibiotic. At Xmas I was poorly Dr reluctant to give me an antibiotic. Eventually I persuaded him agreeing to wait til result of sputum test before taking it. Negative result but then he wanted me to take it! I didn't. Very slow recovery.However, I don't react well to antibiotics, been on azithromycin for 11yrs.

You need to get back to GP if in pain & not improving. Good luck! X

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I think your GP is right. However, no need for him to be snappy. I don't suppose anybody has told you what you should or shouldn't do in these circumstances. I hope you keep sputum sample pots in stock. Very important that you get the right AB to sort the bug that's invaded you. This may even require intravenous AB. A course of Doxycycline I had gave me Oesophagitis; quite painful and needed a lot of Gaviscon to quell.

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I remember on one occasion I had pains in my lung following a course of Amoxicillin. I was then prescribed prednisolone which sorted the pain, presumably due to inflamation. Hope you are feeling better soon xxx

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Frustrated12 in reply to JJ_7

Thank you😊

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I too have been on clarithomycin and now on doxycycline as sputum cultured haemophilus influenza, not happy as not had a bug in my lung since 2019😢

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Thanks your reply. Did that cause you pain Tinker 26?

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