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the nebuliser

afternoon all . has anyone been prescribed with a nebuliser and then told they werent strong enough to have it . if so what did they get in its place ? my husbeand was placed on transplant list in april .we have had no more appointments with consultants etc he was told he wouldnt be able to have that antibiotic through a nwbuliser etc and then we avent heard any thing else . i work tirelessly to prevent him catchin colds or infections he does taje azithromizon . blood presure tabs ect but i feel he should be takin something else . thx chrissy x

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Hi, very sorry that I can't help. Why don't you give the BLF helpline a call: 03000 030555 9-5 Mon-Fri . They will be able to give you some expert advice. P



'. . . In many, but not all, instances nebulisers offer little benefit over simple inhalers and may have significant adverse consequences. Careful assessment should therefore be made of individual response to nebulised therapy to identify those few patients who will obtain meaningful benefit from long-term treatment.'


thx for that link stilltruckin iv found it very interesting and now thinkin he best off left and if needing more intervention x then so be it thx again chrissyx


Hi Chrissy, I can only agree with peege - try the helpline I am sure they will be able to give you some expert advise. It sounds like you are doing a great job looking after your husband - he is lucky to have you! Take good care, lots of love TAD xxx


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