First check up since diagnosis

In April after nasty chest infection, I had CT scan and Spirometry test and came away with diagnosis of COPD (emphysema and chronic bronchitis) was advised to ditch the cigs, which I did and that would help slow down the decline in lung function. It wasn't too bad Fev1 67%

Since then I've done the pulmonary rehabilitaion course and walked as much as I could, today was my first check up with the nurse. I didn't think you could improve lung function :/ but my Fev1 is now 75% confused but in a good way.

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Hi isme, good on u. Ditching the cigs has defo improved things for u, it can and does happen as ur clearly one of them. Keep it up whatever ur doing and may u continue at that level or even improve more. Take care x Sonia x

Yes you can improve lung function !!! You proved it! Keep up the good work from rehab! Lots of love TAD xx

Wow, well done!!!

That's brilliant well done. Keep up the good work. x

Congrats that is excellent news.

Well that is encouraging! thanks for sharing!

Always good to read these posts! Long may it continue.

Thank You everyone for your comments. I've been reading through the forum and realised how lucky I have been.

I think the credit has to go to my Gp, local Hospital and the Pumonary Re-hab team.

My gp for sending me to the walk-in centre for the 1st X-Ray, the Dr who looked at it thought he saw a nodule and referred me to the hospital for it to be repeated, then CT Scan and consultant appointment on the same day...all in all a timescale of 2 weeks!!! 3 more weeks to recover from the chest infection and straight to Pulmonary Re-hab.

All I did was spend 40 years poisoning my lungs :/

Thanks Isme


VERY WELL DONE!!! Keep going :)

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